Talaudiong Beach Property
公主港市, 巴拉望 5300 菲律宾

Avelino Evangelista
Phone: 556-0554
Unit 802 Eco Tower, 32nd Street Corner 9th Avenue
Taguig, Luzon 1634 Philippines
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Palawan also called The Last Frontier of the Philippines is an emerging tourism powerhouse in Asia. With multiple municipalities offering sunny weather, sandy beaches, delicious seafood, nature attractions and friendly people, Palawan is positioned to be a tourism haven for local and international visitors. The Puerto Princesa International Airport opening on March 2017 and another proposed one by 2020 in the Northern portion will make Palawan the most accessible province in the Philippines. Fueling this focus on accessibility is the recognition by New York's Conde Nast Publications which have awarded Palawan as the Best Island in the World for both 2015 and 2016.

Palawan is abundant in food resources especially the marine variety. All of this inherent attributes contributes to the stability and success of the province in economic terms.

The best beaches in Palawan are located in the West coast. The Department of Tourism and local government have funded the construction of a West coast road network stretching from napsan to oyster bay, expected completion will be late 2017. Once this is finished, there will be a rush in commercial development on this portion of Palawan since it has the potential of being a row of beach neighborhoods offering aquatic activities, nature walks, themed restaurants and community centers.


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海滩, 山景, 海洋, 秀丽景观, 水景, 生态友好(绿色), 进口, 海滨, 访问类型道, 城市 / 城镇街, State Road, Open, Possible Subdivision, Private Road, Other Beach, Access Type - Water
高尔夫球场, 高尔夫社区

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