5 Themed Secret Room Ideas For Your Luxury Home in the Philippines

What are the most unique themed secret room ideas you can have for your luxury home?

  1. Want your own quiet space?
  2. Quirky game room for the kids
  3. Movie themed private cinema
  4. Your own personal speakeasy
  5. Hidden luxury closet

Take your luxury home in the Philippines to the next level with themed secret rooms. Impress your guests with a hidden wine cellar, host a movie marathon in your own personal cinema, or have fun with your children in a specialized game room. Secret rooms can be customizable depending on your preferences. To get your creativity flowing, here are some themed secret room ideas for you to explore!

Want Your Own Quiet Space?

Want Your Own Quiet Space?

Hidden In: The Back of a Bookcase

Are you looking for a place in your home where you can focus and work in peace? Create your own secret space hidden behind the back of a bookshelf. Install a secret book that will act as the key between the outside world and your own private area. Furnish the room with pieces that cater to your interests.

You could also create a literal quiet space by building and soundproofing your own music room. This is ideal for the more musically inclined as it offers them a space to practice their skills. Fill the room with a number of instruments, mixers, dedicated sound systems, and even your own drum set!

Quirky Game Room For The Kids

Quirky Game Room For The Kids

Hidden In: a spot underneath the stairs

Give your children their own special place to play around in. Create a game room that can only be accessed through a secret spot underneath your staircase. If you have children who are still quite young and inquisitive, you can design the room with their favorite cartoons on the walls. Make a “toy box” where they can keep their favorite dolls, action figures, and fire trucks. You could even create a pit where your children can make their own Lego creations.

If your children are approaching their adolescent years, you could build a game room that would cater to their maturing interests. Install a television set that can be plugged into a number of gaming consoles. Or if they are into online games, install a computer with a working headset and quick internet connection. You could design the room to fit the look of an arcade, with bright neon colors lining the walls.

Movie Themed Private Cinema

Hidden In: the basement

Have your very own private cinema right underneath your luxury home. Deluxe homes for sale usually have large basements. Install a secret passageway that leads down to a fully equipped theater. Invest in a high-quality projector, surround sound system, and reclining armchairs for the complete experience. Keep a closet full of your favorite films or install a streaming media player for easy access to the most recent blockbusters.

Throw in a popcorn maker with different powdered flavors so you can have something to snack on while relaxing and watching your favorite film. You could also install a soda machine that dispenses a number of soda flavors. Or you could place a cabinet in the cinema where you could keep the stock of your children’s favorite candy.

Your Own Personal Speakeasy

Your Own Personal Speakeasy

Hidden In: a garden or a decorated wall

Are you interested in creating a wine cellar in your luxury home? Consider installing a secret one underneath your garden. Deluxe homes for sale usually come with vast garden spaces. Install a secret compartment that can lead down to a wine cellar. An underground wine cellar is perfect for keeping your wine fresh as the drink is better stored in an area that is dark and chilled.

If you want your own personal speakeasy in your home, you could hide a fully-stocked bar behind a decorated wall. Place a small handle that can be pulled to reveal your hidden liquor collection. Make sure to stock your secret bar well with different kinds of glasses, measuring devices, garnishes, and spirits.

Hidden Luxury Closet

Hidden Luxury Closet

Hidden In: The Back of a Mirror

Hidden luxury closets can be used to store clothing that you’ve purchased from high-end brands. You could install different pieces of furniture such as closets for your clothes or drawers for your collection of luxury watches. Hidden closets are also popular for shoe collectors who want to keep their collection in a clean place. You can install a hidden closet in your bedroom itself behind a full-length mirror.

If you already have a large closet space, you can renovate a hidden room to store other collections such as bags and jewelry. These collections require the utmost conditions to preserve its quality. They need to be stored in a secure area that is not exposed to extreme temperatures.

Key Takeaway

Ensure that your luxury home in the Philippines is one of a kind with a themed secret room. Choose one of the ideas in this list or cater it to your own preferences. Any room hidden in plain sight will surely add an aura of mystery to your luxury home.

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