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What habits should you have to become financially stable?

  1. Know your limits
  2. Stay disciplined
  3. Understand the value of what you buy
  4. Do not fall victim to impulse buying
  5. Be aware of small purchases

Most of us should already know that luxury comes at a price. In the Philippines, luxury houses in the most prestigious villages or isolated communities are rare. But those who have access to them are above and beyond the rest of the country.

That said, not all homeowners of these deluxe homes might have started with this lifestyle. Most of them have built their way up in order to afford such grandeur. Though it’s not really apparent, these people all have their strategies and mindsets that helped push themselves up.

Most of these are just simple tips and tweaks to a normal person’s daily lifestyle. This is great for anyone and everyone who wants to become more financially stable!

So, without further ado, here are some of the most common financial habits that many successful luxury homeowners have!

Know Your Limits

People love it when they have something luxurious, even if it’s quite the materialistic mindset. However, people tend to buy items that are well beyond their pay grade just so they can flaunt it to their coworkers and friends. This may give you a bit of temporary attention, but it will do more damage to your wallet and bank accounts in the long run.

If you were to buy big-ticket items, you should focus on the ones that you can afford. Luxury bags, shoes, and clothing are cool and all, but if you keep buying them, your income won’t be able to keep up with your lifestyle.

Stay Disciplined

A popular way in which people can efficiently make use of their money is by being disciplined enough to stop spending when you reach a certain threshold. For example, you can dedicate to just spending PHP10,000 for eating out for the whole month. Once you’ve already spent PHP 10,000, you are no longer allowed to spend any more on expensive restaurants.

Do this for all of your forecasted expenditures namely your utilities (water, electricity, rent, etc.), food, entertainment, and miscellaneous. Putting a limit on your expenditure will be a great help in making sure that you have just the right amount of money for these—and possibly a decent amount saved!

Understand the Value of What You Buy

Understand the Value of What You Buy

When you’re buying something, be it food, clothing, or gadgets, never settle for the cheapest or the most expensive. Always prioritize value. The item with the best value for your money is what you should always look for.

Sometimes expensive items are great because they’re expected to last longer than the typical ones. Other times, cheap goods are the best choice if it’s only a temporary buy.

Keep in mind that cost does not correlate to better quality. Certain products have the premium tag of being under famous brands which adds to the cost. It would be best if you ask people who know a lot about the product or read reviews of the item online for a better idea of the item’s value.

Do Not Fall Victim to Impulse Buying

Whatever product or service it might be, you should always think hard if you really do need it in your life before you buy it. George Krueger, co-founder of BIGG Success, recommends that you make use of the 24-hour rule for your major purchases.

The 24-hour rule basically states that you should give yourself time to think before buying expensive things such as TVs, Refrigerators, Furniture, Home Security, etc.

The point of the 24-hour rule is to give time for logic to return to you for your decision. Often, people will get excited when they see something cool or something that they really want. When emotions get the best of you, all logic goes out the window. You won’t hesitate to buy an item, no matter how expensive it is.

Remember, the best financial decisions are driven by logic, numbers, and facts, not emotions.

Be Aware of Small Purchases

Be Aware of Small Purchases

You should be careful about the things you buy on a daily basis; the things that you usually consider just a tiny dent in your budget. Be it your morning coffee, a small meal at a nearby restaurant, or even a more convenient ride to work.

Though on the spot, these aren’t exactly the biggest investments, they’ll slowly pile up and become huge holes in your budget.

Be mindful of your expenditures, no matter how small they may be. Because in this day and age, every peso is valuable—and it’s important that you keep track of them.

Key Takeaway

Even the wealthiest owners of luxury houses in the Philippines have little habits that have helped them slowly reach the state in which they’re in. With the help of the smallest little things, you too can begin to alter your financial habits and begin to save what you can!

With the help of these financial habits, you’ll be well underway to becoming a homeowner yourself!


What should you do to make your home feel luxurious?

  1. Go for something simple
  2. Place potted plants
  3. Decorate in layers
  4. Add a touch of high-end materials

In the Philippines, luxury houses are quite a rarity. Those that do live in one are a lucky few. Chances are, most, if not, all the people in the country would love it if they were living in such luxurious houses. That being said, if you’re still on your journey towards purchasing a luxury home, you can make your current home more luxurious in the meantime.

It’s not easy to make a home feel luxurious. Oftentimes, it will be a significant investment. But as long as you truly value having an aesthetically appealing home to stay in, that investment will be totally worth it.
There are many ways to create a luxurious atmosphere in your home, even with minimal financial costs. Rather, it’s all about placement, vision, and a bit of design philosophy. Here’s how you can make your home feel that much more luxurious than before.

Go for Something Simple

One of the best options for you to start making your home feel more luxurious and elegant is by simplifying things. Think about it. Homes with so many things on display or too many decorations everywhere are not that appealing to look at.

Implement a minimalist design philosophy. This means that you need only the essentials; less is more. You don’t need so many decorations such as fixtures, paintings, and bright colors. All you need are the things that you need the most.

Get rid of clutter—both physical and visual. Get rid of unnecessary furniture that only makes the space more cramped. Anything and everything that doesn’t have a real function should no longer be part of your design.
This can be quite hard for some people who are sentimentally connected to the things that they own. However, if you truly want that luxurious vibe, getting rid of things you don’t need will be your best option.

Once you’ve reduced the number of furniture and fixtures that you own, you can start rearranging other things. As soon as you do so, you’ll notice just how spacious your home will be no matter how small it used to look like. With all the extra space that you now have, you have more room to work with everything.

In summary, simply your home and the luxury will come.

Place Potted Plants

Place Potted Plants

Flower vases and elegant shrubs can add such a great natural atmosphere in any room when placed in the right location. Even a simple bouquet can add a level of sophistication to your home.

With flowers, in particular, the kind and the vase aren’t as important as the arrangement of the flowers themselves. Elegant flower arrangements have a strong enough impact aesthetically that they can freshen up a room instantly.

Decorate in Layers

Once you’ve finished removing all the things that you don’t need, you’ll start realizing that with the extra room and the lack of furniture comes a bland and boring look.

You have to be very particular with how you arrange the décor along with the rest of your home. One of the easiest ways for you to level up your aesthetics is to layer the few things you use as décor.

Dress up your flooring with stylish rugs and then place sets of furniture around it. Then for your chairs and sofas, layer opulent throw pillows for a classier look. Make sure that everything you layer goes with one another, because if it doesn’t, not only will your home not look luxurious, but it will look badly designed as well.

Add a Touch of High-End Materials

You don’t need to fill your home with the most expensive items, but you can have them on display at strategic places to add a bit of depth and complexity. One good technique is to make them center points — the highlights for some rooms so that they’ll look extra special.

For example, an expensive, exotic vase should be in the middle of your living room, placed on the table and surrounded by chairs and the sofa.

You can also make use of wall-mounted objects such as paintings, framed pictures, and even sculptures. Place them on the most visible wall in a room and add bits and pieces of smaller decorations below or around it. Framed family pictures are always great at getting people’s attention and are a perfect basis for a room’s arrangement.

Key Takeaway

If you were to look at luxury homes that are for sale in the Philippines, most of them employ simple yet elegant designs. Furniture would usually be in sets and arranged in a way where something else is highlighted.
If you aim to have your home look like one of the luxury homes in the Philippines, you should try to implement the minimalist design philosophy. That way, you’ll truly play with negative space, quality furniture, and only the most essential decorations that you have.


What are the benefits of indoor plants?

  1. They help purify the air
  2. It improves well-being
  3. Reduces the chance of illness
  4. It can serve as inspiration

One of the best things about strolling through a flower garden or even having a backyard filled with exquisite plants is having a place to relax and meditate. Spending time surrounded by nature takes away distracting thoughts. In the Philippines, high-end homes may just be the perfect place to bring indoor potted plants. Add some green to your furniture and decoration at home. Make use of the considerable space and structure that you have by bringing in plants inside your luxury home.

Plants could alleviate all the troubles and negative aura that you accumulate the same way that appreciating abstract paintings or sculptures can. Even when you do plan on investing in a luxury house for sale in the Philippines — the dream of most people — luxury alone isn’t enough. Sometimes, you’ve got to find respite from what bothers you every day. Allowing plants inside your home might be just the answer to that. Other than its decorative factor, what exactly can plants bring to a household?

They help purify the air

One major contributor to global warming is the lack of plants and trees to clean the air. In the Philippines, even high-end homes can be affected by poor air quality, especially if you live in a busy area or if there are cigarette smokers living with you.

By keeping plants indoors, it does its work of ridding the air around you of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde or benzene. It also raises the air’s humidity by releasing water in the form of moisture vapor in the atmosphere. With fresh air, you’ll find it easier to breathe. You have the peace of mind knowing that pollution is being filtered within your house.

Examples of plants you can keep are aloe vera, snake plant, spider plant, bamboo palm, and/or chrysanthemum.

It improves well-being

While living in a luxury house for sale in the Philippines could already improve your well-being, a house with plants within is more refreshing than those without. But what about those who tend to their garden or flower patch outdoors? It’s been proven that visiting the garden and caring for your flowers can improve your happiness, health, and overall well-being. It can be your sanctuary where everything around you gives them a positive feeling.

If you prefer to care for plants inside your home, that works too! Just as you care for the plants, they return the favor by uplifting your emotions and helps you refocus. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and joy. Eventually, you might even have the urge to start purchasing and/or growing more plants just to take away the stress and keep yourself busy with plant care. All those colors are just too pleasant; it improves your mood. You start to become more optimistic, you have a sense of stability, and you seem to be attracting more positive energy than usual.

It deters illnesses

It’s a given that plants filter the air to give us a cleaner and more breathable space. The filtering process that plants do lowers the risk of respiratory problems — one of the most common causes of colds. With plants inside your home, you can rest easy knowing that you’re breathing fresh, clean air.

In addition, if you weren’t already aware, there are also such things as ‘herbal medicine’. These come from growing certain plants and making something out of their natural healing properties.

Having plants around can also be a form of therapy for the mind to ensure our mental wellness stay healthy. It calms those who are stressed and helps meditation to become more meaningful.

It can serve as inspiration

Many believe that plants and flowers can spark certain emotions when a person sees or comes near them. Take giving flowers for your loved ones for instance.

When there is a wedding, birthday celebration, someone hospitalized, a funeral, flowers are certain to be part of the event. It isn’t just because they are used for decorations but because they mean different things to a lot of people. Flowers and plants are themes for artists’ works—paintings, music, and written works as they express beauty and strikes serenity to their audiences.

In the same vein, having calming plants and beautiful flowers in your home can be the spark of inspiration that you’re looking for.

Key Takeaway

Plants are helpful in more ways than one. They aren’t just used for decorative purposes but serve their purpose in promoting a better home and healthy living. Having plants all around your luxury home can bring about benefits that are both tangible and intangible.


What should you look for when choosing reliable security measures for your high-end home?

  1. Difficult to break into
  2. Centralized home security strategy
  3. Asset protection devices
  4. Can operate even during power outages
  5. Visible, physical protection
  6. Different options for locking

Purchasing their very own high-end home in the Philippines is a dream come true for many people. What they don’t take into account, however, is that it is an absolute must to keep their homes constantly secure once they do have it. Top-notch personal safety and security have always been important for the wealthy for a long time. Today’s home security systems are extremely advanced which is why the right one has to be secure and trustworthy. It must have all the right features that your luxury home needs. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a reliable security system for your high-end homes.

Difficult to Break Into

Luxury homes are considered primary targets for crime. Generally, these properties are perceived as being quick and easy to gain access to. It is less likely that your home will be broken into if it requires more time and effort to access. Some preventative measures include installing motion sensors, security control panels, and surveillance cameras throughout every part of your home. All of these ensure that everything, from your safety to your property, is protected from harm. It is important to speak first with a security specialist when making final decisions for what type of security works best for your home.

Centralized Home Security Strategy

Nowadays, it is essential that luxury houses for sale in the Philippines have a security system installed. Every homeowner or real estate agent know that the function of a security system is to alert the homeowner as soon as intruders have been detected. This is especially important if you have a huge property that you can’t always monitor or attend to. With motion detectors installed on the outside of your home, you can pick up movements before the intruders get too close, stopping them in their tracks and alerting you at the earliest moment of intrusion.

Asset Protection Devices

One of the most important aspects of being a luxury homeowner is protecting your valuables and assets. It doesn’t always have to be exclusively expensive items either; you may have collected and purchased items that have sentimental value to you. However, you can never know what might happen should your luxury home be targeted and your properties are damaged because intruders knew you don’t have a tight security system. Asset protection devices will let you know if your important valuables have been tampered with. Installing a surveillance camera can be a good countermeasure to theft or vandalism. More importantly, it is beneficial for luxury home-owners to not only have their valuables safe but also for them to have peace of mind.

Can Operate Even During Power Outages

Many luxury homeowners should be rightfully concerned if their installed security protection is still turned on if they are away or if there is an incoming power outage. No matter what type of security system you have, it should still be able to continue to operate even when there is no power available. Typically, a traditional home system is powered by low voltage electricity which means it doesn’t take a lot to run the system. It should include a large battery that supports the main system even when the main power is out.

Visible, Physical Protection

Creating a physical barrier around your property’s perimeter is considered a good precautionary measure that will help deter potential home intruders. A viable physical security system that uses both technology and security personnel is quite an effective combination. Security experts agree that the three most important components of a security plan for luxury houses for sale in the Philippines should include access control, surveillance, and security testing. It is important for all entry points and security barriers to be connected in a security system so that everyone living inside is alerted if intruders are detected.  

Different Options for Locking

When choosing reliable security measures, having different options in locking and keeping your home safe is worth considering. Different locking methods suit different users and it can affect the price, security, and convenience. The most basic locking mechanism is, of course, having keys to every door, gate, and entryway. There are also mechanical combinations, electronic interfaces, and even biometric locks to take note of. Additionally, a security system should be easy to use, reliable, and robust.

Key Takeaway

At the end of the day, purchasing a luxury home is quite a huge expense, so might as well invest in reliable security measures to protect your property at all times. Before purchasing a home security system, however, do your research and take a look at the many types of security systems as well as some of its additional features. This will help you determine what you will need for your high-end home in the Philippines. Remember that everyone deserves to have their family, home, and property safe and secure.


What are the most important rooms in high-end homes in the Philippines?

  1. Living Room
  2. Dining Hall and Kitchen
  3. Master’s Bedroom
  4. Outdoors
  5. Leisure Room

A very important question every luxury home owner should ask is: what are the amenities that make high-end homes in the Philippines extravagant? Traditionally, luxury home owners focus on having larger spaces and having lots of furniture. Nowadays, modern luxury home owners want something they can be proud of in their home. This means that they will be needing a lot of money to spend on equipment, furniture, and appliances in each room.

The upscale buyer’s tastes and expectations are constantly changing as houses and apartments grow larger. They want to incorporate more furniture in larger room areas, but what they should actually focus on is the interior. Don’t know where to begin with? Here are the important rooms every luxury end homes should have.

Living Room

The living room is one of the first room luxury buyers look for in luxury houses for sale in the Philippines. It should feel as if you’re making a grand entrance. In addition, it’s much better if the living room is near to the outdoors so you can look at beautiful views all while staying indoors.

Give your living room space a wow factor by hanging pieces of art on its walls. Also, lighting, one of the most important concepts in a space that people usually forget about, adds depth to a room. True to its name, the living room should definitely feel lively because it’s where the family gathers together.

Dining Hall and Kitchen

For home buyers, the kitchen is about entertaining guests with visual grandness. Many people consider the kitchen and dining room as the heart of the home. It’s important to use durable and high-quality materials like marble, quartz, and granite for a luxurious feel.

The look and feel inside your luxury home’s kitchen should be like that of an expensive restaurant. The dining hall must be complete with the best silverware and the finest China dinnerware for your family and guests. The kitchen should come with exquisite kitchenware ovens, stove and a wine cellar if you fancy.

It should have every expensive kitchen gadget and appliance you can think of. In other words, both the dining and kitchen area should spell culinary haven worthy of a three-Michelin-star restaurant.

Master Bedroom

You want a bedroom that is fit for a king and a queen. While it is the most overlooked room because only you can see it, add specific elements of a master bedroom by including a variety of color, design and the theme should match your personality.

Every bedroom should also have a walk-in closet, lights that set the mood of the room and big mirrors. A big part of the room should showcase their suit, dress, and shoe collection to model their outfits. Your bedroom space deserves all the best attention and decoration.


Regardless of its design, a bathroom can create the illusion of space by being minimalist. It should have strategic features that evoke the feel of a luxurious spa. Build a well-ventilated bathroom with an elegant bathtub and a multiple shower system complete with heating rooms and towel warmers.

A lot of times, accessories are the ones that give space its character. An example is adding a bathroom rug that has a soft and pleasant texture, while a big mirror wall and decorative stones add as key accents to a chic bathroom.


While this is not a room, outdoor spaces are really important for home buyers because a luxury home is all about the views. A high-end home that deserves to show off should have a functional and beautiful backyard overlooking a great view so you can enjoy the warm weather. Also, it should have a zen garden with exquisite landscapes, an expensive swimming pool with water features like waterfalls and plenty of privacy is a must.

Leisure Room

Luxury home buyers want a space that allows them to lounge with family and friends – somewhere they can enjoy the latest hit blockbuster without having to sacrifice the experience of the big screen. This is the main goal of the in-house movie theater.

Its most impressive features should offer reclining seats, mood lighting and up to date video and sound systems. When the movie ends and it’s time to look for other things, many luxury homeowners feature their own entertainment room with a bar area, game rooms and more. Its main purpose should make the homeowner never have to leave the house just to have fun.

Key Takeaway

In the world of high-end homes in the Philippines, every amenity must be over the top that it rivals the most luxurious five-star hotels and restaurants. Luxury homes are all about living a grand lifestyle. Homeowners must step up to take their luxury rooms to the next level. It is an investment that you will surely be proud to have your own luxury space that you worked hard for.