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What should you keep in mind for luxury real estate investments?

  1. Types of luxury real estate investments
  2. Importance of studying the market
  3. Appropriate design is key

Luxury homes in the Philippines are not common. In fact, luxury real estate is something that only the most elite can get themselves involved in. Whether you’re selling a luxury home or putting it up for rent, it will be difficult to find potential clients.

If it were regular real estate, the level of difficulty won’t be as high. However, since you’re dealing with deluxe homes for sale in the Philippines, you also need an increased level of expertise in order to go through with a sale.

The thing is, regular real estate is way different from luxury real estate. It’s important that the proper steps and strategies are implemented in order to ensure that a house is sold in a timely fashion and at a fair price!

Types of Luxury Real Estate Investments

Types of Luxury Real Estate Investments

When it comes to real estate, more often than not, your goal will always be to make money; to earn a return on your investment. For luxury real estate, you can earn a profit through the following means:

Real Estate Appreciation

The most common way to make money off of luxury real estate is when the property increases in value over time or due to a change in the real estate market. This usually happens when the land around your property becomes scarce or the area near or around you is bustling with activities (such as a commercial center being built next door). It can also increase in value when you implement upgrades to the estate. However, you will only get a profit when you make a successful sale.

Cash Flow Income

With this type of real estate investment, you can focus on collecting rent from luxury homes, condominiums, or apartments. You will be the one to operate on it for simple things such as housekeeping. The cash flow will start when you begin to have tenants. This kind of real estate investment is more reliable than when you use real estate appreciation.

Real Estate Related Income

This kind of endeavor is usually done by professionals of the real estate industry. That would include brokers and agents that make money through commissions from buying and selling properties. This also includes real estate management companies that get a percentage of their rents in exchange for running day-to-day operations for the property.

The Importance of Studying the Market

Luxury real estate, as its name implies, will never be cheap. Investing in it will cost a large sum of money. However, when you do your homework correctly, the gains will be well beyond what you put into it.

That’s why it’s incredibly important for you to be careful when you do your research. Be mindful not just about the people that you’ll be planning to sell to, but also about the place where the luxury home is located.

These two factors, along with the quality of the property itself, are the major considerations that most people look at to appraise the value of estates. The better you appeal to their needs and wants, the more they’ll be willing to pay you for it.

Make sure that you understand the surroundings of the estate or the luxury house that you’re selling. Use that as the main selling point of the luxury home. For example, the place may be near a popular commercial district, or it’s in an exclusive community, or it might even be in an area that’s isolated, giving off a surreal and private feeling.

Appropriate Design is Key

You may have a property in an incredibly ideal location. However, what it looks and feels like is probably far from what the market wants. Chances are, they won’t even consider buying your property unless you are willing to drastically change its whole appearance.

That being said, both interior and exterior design are vital in making sure that a property that you’re selling meets the standards of your potential customers. That means not only making sure that it’s exterior is aesthetically appealing and functional, but the interior is fully furnished with the best possible equipment that they might need as they live in it.

Key Takeaway

Think of luxury real estate investments as more lavish and expensive real estate investments. You’ll be dealing with mansions, estates, penthouses, and sometimes even giant plots of land. When it comes down to it, however, buying and selling luxury homes in the Philippines is the same as any other real estate purchase.

The key here is that there’s a wholly different market, market value, and price boundary—which can either be advantageous or disadvantageous to you depending on how your own investments pan out.

That being said, luxury real estate investment can be great as a secondary or your primary source of income as long as you know the ins and outs of what you’re doing.


What are the latest trends that you should know about when it comes to luxury homes?

  1. Privacy
  2. Home security
  3. Guest suites
  4. Personalization
  5. Aesthetics

Luxury homes in the Philippines have always been associated with the trendsetters of this generation. Sure, the ones here might not be as “out there” as in other countries, but their aesthetics are more than enough to wow even the prickliest of critics.

A lot of people believe that luxury is a feeling; a choice of visual collaboration. But to some, it’s more than that. Living in a luxury home isn’t all about looks and visual stimuli. Many people say the feeling of luxury also involves functionality and convenience.

These three together — aesthetics, functionality, and convenience — are what encapsulate luxury homes. That’s what you should look for this year.

Check out this list of the up and coming trends for luxury homes this 2019!


In the Philippines, even deluxe homes for sale can’t be guaranteed their privacy. Sometimes, these homes are still close enough to crowded areas that most people find unappealing and somewhat alarming.

Luckily for you, luxury homes in the Philippines have prioritized privacy. Most are located in exclusive villages; others can be found in secluded and yet amazingly unique places.

Today, privacy is more important than ever. People want control over their boundaries. They want gates, walls, and even hedges; people want to feel safe. Not only will a gated residence keep you safer, it’ll also bring about a different air to your home!

Home Security

Home Security

Often associated with the desire for privacy, home security is also one of the most popular up-and-coming trends for luxury homes. Many luxury homes today are equipped with state-of-the-art home security systems that ensure that you won’t have to experience any kind of criminal activity any time soon.

Usually, you are provided with a small remote control that can be used to control these features. Sometimes, it also doubles as a smart home remote which lets you control almost every feature in your home! You can turn the lights on or off, light the fireplace or the pool, or turn on the air conditioning with just the press of a button on a single device!
A smart home is a secure home — that’s what a lot of trendsetters believe to be true today.

Guest Suites

There can never be too many rooms in a luxury home. The mindset here is simple: the more rooms you have, the more space you can customize to your whim. You can then transform these rooms into whatever you want. You can choose to leave one as a guest room for visitors, a space for a live-in maid, a game room, a home theater, a storage room, or even a home gym.

That being said, the most common use of extra rooms is to be guest suites for visitors, especially family members. This rings true in the Philippines where most of the time, families would have their grandparents living with them.


Many deluxe homes for sale in the Philippines are slowly being designed with their presentation in high regard. Oftentimes, the seller or contractor puts a little too much of their personality into the product so that it can really affect its viability of being sold.

Some examples of this include a luxury home being sold by a musician who has a recording studio inside. Or another house being sold by a tennis player with an attached tennis court to it.

These rather unique customizations might appeal to a very specific group of people, but not to everyone.


When it comes to how luxury homes in the Philippines look, it all boils down to the buyer. Yes, these houses would usually have an initial design all set up and ready. However, chances are, when a buyer doesn’t like the decorations but loves the area, they’ll redecorate it without question.

To prevent that from happening, make sure to design luxury homes based on these trends!

First off, bear in mind that 2019 will be a year that’s all about being edgy and bold—particularly when it comes to the color palette. A good little tidbit is that Pantone has decided that the color of the year is living coral.

It’s also important to note that 2019 is supposed to be the comeback of the geometric patterns in room designs.

They’re sure to leave an immediate impact when perfectly executed.

Of course, going black and white is never the wrong choice. It’s one of those timeless designs that won’t ever run out of style. The ambiance that it brings is such a serene calm that it’ll be great no matter how you execute it.

Key Takeaway

Pursuing luxury is not an easy thing to do. Now and then the trends change and what is seen as luxurious before can quickly fall off in the eyes of many. That’s why you should always be updated about the latest trends that revolve around amazing homes. The ones mentioned above are just a sneak peek into the whole story, so be sure to keep up with the latest trends as you look for the best luxury home for you!


What are some tips that can help me clean your house more effectively?

  1. Go top to bottom
  2. Go dry, then wet
  3. Make the most of your time
  4. Mind special requirements

As simple as it is, cleaning your house will make a huge difference. In the Philippines, luxury homes usually require a particular way of cleaning them to be efficient. These large, often spacious structures usually have “sweet spots” where people tend to stay. This means that more waste is produced in these areas. That being said, it’s important that you know how to clean the whole house efficiently.

One of your main goals would be to get rid of the dust and dirt. These are the things that can really pile up and take away the glamour of a luxury home. Of course, you should also never neglect proper cleaning procedures, especially for particular materials that you might have at home.

Who doesn’t like coming home to a clean and organized home?

A lot of people find joy in cleaning up. Making sure that the place you live in is clean and tidy brings satisfaction to a lot of people.

That being said, here are a few tips and tricks that you can use for when you’re cleaning up your very luxurious homes!

Go Top to Bottom

Most people that have a good idea on how to efficiently clean places do so by starting at the very top. So, for multi-leveled homes, be sure to start from the very top. In particular, focus on the level where there are a lot of activities happening. If you have an attic that you use for storage, you can skip that and start on the floor below it.

The main reason why this way of cleaning is optimal is that you will avoid messing up places that you’ve already cleaned along the way. Even simple acts as sweeping the floor or vacuuming carpets tend to scatter bits and pieces of dust and dirt from time to time.

The same concept should be followed in individual rooms. Start off by removing any cobwebs or thick layers of dust on the ceilings. After this, slowly work your way down the house. Dust down fixtures and other décors as well as window draperies and anything that’s hanging off the walls. Work on the floor last. Make sure that you sweep below and around furniture right after you dust them.

Go Dry, then Wet

This should be common knowledge for anyone that likes cleaning. It’s important that you start off with dry cleaning activities instead of those that will require you to dampen certain things.

When you decide on directly mopping a floor that hasn’t been swept, all the dust and dirt particles will become a sort of muddy amalgamation. Not only are these disgusting to see, they are also quite difficult to remove. When you start off with dusting and sweeping though, that won’t happen because there’s almost no dust and dirt left to cause these things from happening.

For quick cleaning sessions, you don’t even need to mop the floor or wipe the fixtures. Most of the time, you just have to dust things off and sweep the floor and you would have already done more than enough.

Always remember that you first have to dust things before ever applying any of the wet cleansers.

Make the Most of your Time

Chances are, if your home is as large as it is luxurious, a cleaning session would take quite a long time when you focus on things one by one. You can reduce the time you need to tidy up by creating an efficient cleaning plan!

Some cleansers take some time to take effect so you can spray them on tables, vases, glass, and the likes ahead of time. You can then just focus on other things such as sweeping other areas or organizing clutter. By the time you begin wiping the cleansers off, you won’t need to do too much rubbing because it’ll come off quickly.

You could also multitask and organize things as you sweep the floor or dust decorations. This way, you’ll only need two or three pass-throughs for your cleaning sessions. One for the dry cleaning such as dusting and sweeping, and one for mopping, and wiping.

Mind Special Requirements

Different things are made of different materials. Because of this, some of them need special cleansers or special procedures in order to be cleaned. Remember this whenever you’re cleaning so to avoid any unnecessary damage to items. However, this can mean that your flooring might have specific cleaning solutions or some of your fixtures can’t be wiped clean that easily.

Key Takeaway

There’s a reason why luxury homes in the Philippines attract the attention of a lot of people. That’s because these are structures that have amazing facades and are often full of amazing home décor and fixtures. But what truly makes them shine is how clean it is. Nobody will appreciate a luxury home that’s cluttered and dirty. Clean your luxury home regularly so that its beauty can shine.


What are the different ways to have a relaxing atmosphere at home?

  1. Keep the house clean and organized
  2. Create a space where you can meditate
  3. Invite positive energy with music and aromatherapy
  4. Do activities that don’t involve gadgets

The home is a haven to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. It’s supposed to be a place of retreat where you can feel renewed and refreshed from the stress, the workload, or the adventures you go through each day. In the Philippines, a luxury home will mean nothing if you still can’t find peace and relaxation.

Look around the place you call home and assess whether it really is a place of relief and freedom. You may find safety within the walls of your house, but does it bring serenity? Here are different ways to invite a more relaxing atmosphere in your home:

Keep the house clean and organized

One of the most stressful feelings is living in a house that’s full chaos. You may not notice it, but when you come home from a long day’s work, you tend to scatter stuff here and there. You’re tired. You just want to lay down and promise yourself you’ll deal with the mess tomorrow.

This mess builds up. Items will be misplaced and things will be difficult to find if they are buried in a pile of books or clothing, for example. Find the time (at least 15 minutes) every night to declutter, and avoid heaps of trash. Let go of unnecessary belongings that will only be distractions if they remain unused. Clear one room at a time to avoid exhaustion of the body. Finally, if there are distracting pests and a clammy odor, seek out its source and clean it immediately.

Create a space where you can meditate

Whether you entertain the idea of feng shui or you simply want to find inner peace (especially if you are living with other people), a meditation space is one of the most powerful and effective ways to achieve a relaxing atmosphere within the house. This is a reminder that you are seeking for silence and reflection. Think of it as your personal recollection area.

To create a meditation space is as simple as finding what relaxes you and makes you calm. It could be a reading nook surrounded by reading materials and the sound of pages being turned. Or perhaps a garden where you can be one with nature would suit you, especially if you grow a variety of plants. Better yet, have one corner of a room which could serve as a thinking spot. Consider decorating your meditation space with paintings, images, scented candles, or pillows. Basically, decorate with anything that helps you center your attention. Treat this as your sacred area.

Invite positive energy with music and aromatherapy

Nothing speaks of positive vibes more than your favorite calming music filling the house. It takes away the gloom and the dullness of the area whether you’re busy decluttering or simply resting. Ever wonder why your parents (or grandparents) turn on the radio every morning before the day starts? It’s because good music to kick start the day posits for a good mood as you sing along or even dance to an upbeat tune for a bit of your morning exercise. You’re not just limited to music either. Nature sounds are also a great way to invoke a serene aura and helps you to focus.

The power of smell is an effective part of a more relaxing atmosphere. Even when it seems like you’ve done enough organizing in the house to free enough space, there may still be a musty smell hanging in the air. Rid of the uncomfortable feeling with aromatherapy. Relieve sweet memories and enjoy the peace of mind. Besides, this ancient practice of tapping the sense of smell also brings health benefits by lowering stress, cutting off anxiety, helping relieve physical discomfort. For example, Sandalwood (a rich, woody, earthy scent) aids in reducing wakefulness and increasing amounts of non-REM sleep while Vanilla reduces hyperactivity and/or restlessness, and lowers depression.

Do activities that don’t involve gadgets

It may be a cliché quote, but “pretend it’s the 1800s” when there were no such things as Wi-Fi or smartphones. Move beyond just another movie marathon or endless rounds of gaming by strolling through parks and nature preserves, reading a book, or cooking a meal. Enroll in extracurricular classes and workshops so you can look forward to something every day. Shop for board games to bond with the rest of the family. Make time for your pet who always tries to gain your attention.

Key Takeaway

Here in the Philippines, a luxury home for sale will almost always be the perfect house to score. But any home, no matter how elegant it gets, can still lack peacefulness if you do not make an effort to ensure the atmosphere is composed. Will they use it only for a place to sleep, or is it something more than just a house? Always bear in mind that what attracts positivity at home depends on the attitude of the people living in it.


What amenities should you have in your luxury home in the Philippines?

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Personal gym
  3. Sports facility
  4. Home theater
  5. Game room

There are countless characteristics that define luxury homes in the Philippines — location, price, size, furnishings, neighborhood, layout, security.

Certain conditions are placed on these aspects and all of them must be met in order for a property to be associated with the term. People often look at these distinctive features whenever they’re searching for a luxury property, whether that be a home or a condominium. However, these are not the only ones involved in placing properties into categories.

Amenities have become one of the most important defining features of luxury homes. In the past, these were merely additions that showed off the buyer’s wealth or the architect’s capabilities. Now, they’ve become more of a necessity. They now offer plenty of conveniences that luxury home buyers want and look for when shopping for their new (humble) abode.

The best part about these amenities is that you can easily have them installed into your chosen luxury home property. That said, though, it doesn’t mean you have to overload your home with amenities. You should only go with ones that are extraordinary but not too outlandish; those that can provide many advantages and barely depreciate. We’ve listed exactly what these are below so read more to find out!

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool or two is an absolute must in any luxury home that adds a subtle grandeur to the property. It’s great to for relaxing and fun activities that the whole family can take part in. Every moment spent in or by the swimming pool is guaranteed to be a valuable experience.

Since swimming pools are pretty common even in modest homes, luxury home designers make sure that the ones in luxury homes standout by adding features such as automatic temperature control and landscaped waterfall fixtures.

Personal Gym

Health and fitness are important aspects of your well-being that you need to take care of every single day. This is why you should have a personal gym at your own luxury home. Having your very own gym at home makes it much easier for you to maintain good health.

Moreover, you can personalize your home gym and make it so that it suits your workout requirements. You can put in whatever type of machine or equipment that you fancy and no one would be there to stop you. You can even fashion it with some extra things such as a wide-screen TV or a surround-sound system.

Sports Facility

Before we explain this any further, we’d like you to know that sports facilities are very much different from home gyms. A gym is built specifically for working out and exercise while facilities are made specifically for you and your family and friends to enjoy, well, sports.

The decision on what type of facility to add is completely yours to make. You can have a cricket pitch, a baseball field, basketball court, or bowling alley. If you’re into it, you can even add an ice rink or an actual football field. Just make sure that these facilities are going to be in use because you wouldn’t want for them to be covered in dust.

Home Theater

Home theaters gained popularity because the availability of high-speed internet connections have allowed people to stream any kind of content they want, whether that be movies or televisions series. Advancement in technologies has already contributed to its rise because now homes can be fitted with big-screen TVs and impressive sound systems that almost replicate the cinemas.

Much like with any amenity, there are ways to make your home theater more extravagant such as the addition of reclining seats, mini bar, mood lighting, candy corner, and your very own popcorn machine! These should take the experience into a completely different level.

Game Room

The urge to play games comes around now and then, but it’s inconvenient to go to your favorite game corner every time it does. Instead of being troubled by this, you’re better off bringing the place to your home by adding a game room to your luxury home.

When we say game room, we aren’t talking solely about console and PC gaming. We mean an actual arcade complete with a foosball table, arcade games, ping pong table, billiards table, and whatever gaming device you want. If you’re a fan, you can also add a section for tabletop games which are also making a comeback in this day and age.

Key Takeaway

These are but five of the many amenities you can find in or add to luxury homes in the Philippines. Some of these are built into a deluxe property for sale in the Philippines, while some you’re going to build from the ground up. Either way, they are sure to add a bit more convenience, fun, and luxury to your new home. As said before, you don’t need all of these in your home, but we can tell you that the more of these incredible amenities you have, the less you’re going to want to leave the comforts of your own home!