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What are some great tips for moving into your new luxury home?

  1. Make an extensive checklist
  2. Organize everything early on
  3. Inform movers about your plans
  4. Prioritize your personal safety
  5. Greet your new neighbors

After you’ve chosen from the thousands of luxury homes for sale in the Philippines and finalized the buying process, all that’s left to do is move into your new home! With all the paperwork and payments out of the way, you’d think that you’ve already gotten through the hard part, but moving in might actually be more difficult. If you’ve already experienced transferring from one home to another, triple the difficulty — that’s how it feels to move into a luxury home.

The reason why moving into a luxury home so much harder is mostly that the place is bigger — there’s simply so much more check and inspect! You’re also going to set up larger spaces and put more furniture and appliances. Even if the home comes fully furnished, you may want to move some things around or replace them to fit your personal preference and style. It may take days, maybe even weeks for you to completely settle in and make new memories with your family in your new home.

That said, moving in doesn’t have to be so much of a hassle. There certainly some things you can do to make the whole process less stressful and more fun. We’ve listed these below, so simply continue reading more to find out what they are!

Make an Extensive Checklist

If you really want the whole moving process to progress without a hitch, then you’re going to have to whip up an extensive checklist. The things you’ll bring, stuff you’ll throw or give away, amenities you need to inspect, repairs you need to do – these are just a few of the many aspects of moving that you’d want to write down.

There’s going to be months or weeks in between preparing for the move and the actual moving day, so consider writing down things by order of importance and accomplish them week by week. Your checklist will then serve as your moving guide that you can refer to every time things get a little too overwhelming and you’ve forgotten what needs to be done. Make sure you have it with you at all times when you’re doing stuff for the big move to ensure that you stay on the right track.

Organize Everything Early On

After you’ve written down everything that needs to be done, you should be able to get your stuff packed and organized. Separate each item depending on which room they’re going to be put in and don’t forget to label each box appropriately. Aside from this, identify which items need to be unpacked immediately such as your television, dining table, bed, and sofa as these are the things that you’re going to use straight away.

We recommend that you do this days or weeks in advance to avoid any last minute fiascoes. Even if it means packing your TV early on and living without it for a couple of days, it should be well worth it when the movers come.

Inform Movers About Your Plans

Speaking of movers, you need to keep them in the loop and inform them about your moving plans and strategies. They need to know when you plan on transferring things out of your old home and into your new one. Doing this helps them estimate the move time and cost and also help them prepare the necessary equipment.

Some of the things you need to tell the movers about are the oversized or heavy items such as refrigerators, pianos, and extravagant bed frames. Disassembly or assembly of furniture is also part of their repertoire and you can ask them to do it for you. You should also tell them about access restrictions i.e. narrow driveways and long walk-ups in both your old and new home.

Any detail that can help them properly move your stuff around and help ease the transition is sure to be appreciated so put some effort into communicating with your movers.

Prioritize Your Personal Safety

One of the things you should think about right off the bat after you’ve purchased deluxe homes for sale in the Philippines is safety items. Ensuring you and your family’s safety should be your number one priority because it’s going to help you settle in and enjoy your home.

The safety items you need to check are door locks, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, peepholes, lighting, security systems, gates, and the like. Others like to change their door locks immediately, and we highly advise that you do the same. You also need a fire extinguisher in every floor of your home or in rooms where a fire is a hazard – same with smoke alarms. Gates and peepholes must be in good condition and your lighting and security systems should all be functional.

Greet Your New Neighbors

It is imperative that you meet your new neighbors and make nice with them within the first week of your move. Introduce yourself to the community and ask people about how it’s like living in the area. If you’re living in an exclusive village (which you probably are since luxury homes are often built in such areas) then there’s a high chance that there’s a neighborhood email list or message board that you can and should subscribe to so find out about that, too.

You don’t have to go door-to-door to know everyone in the area. An easy and fun way to get to know your new, wonderful neighbors is to throw a housewarming party and invite them all. They probably won’t all be able to come but even a few guests should make you feel welcome.

Key Takeaway

The process of buying luxury homes for sale in the Philippines is definitely quite the hassle — moving in even more so, especially if you go in it without a plan or strategy in mind. In order to avoid getting headaches from preparing everything, stick to the tips we’ve written here. These are sure to make the process a lot easier and hassle-free. In a few days or weeks, you and your family are going to be able to blissfully settle into your new luxury home and create unforgettable memories for a long time!


How can you prepare your luxury home for an open house?

  1. Beautify your home exterior
  2. Clean and air out the interiors
  3. Resolve all maintenance issues
  4. Remove all personal items
  5. Add a little extra flair to your home

An open house is a scheduled time interval when a residential property is made available for viewing by sellers, either through agents or the owners themselves, for the benefit of potential buyers. The entire affair is pretty similar across every modest and luxury home for sale in the Philippines albeit with a slight difference in terms of difficulty. It is much harder to be able to view a luxury property because interested parties must first show proof that they have the financial capabilities to push through with the purchase.

All the paperwork and requirements may make it tough on the buyers but it’s actually twice as tough, maybe even more, on the sellers. Having a luxury open house means showcasing your home to high-net-worth clients that are going to be extremely nitpicky. They’re going to inspect every little aspect of your home and decide for themselves whether the price you set is too high or just right. If they think it’s the former, then you can expect them to haggle and for you to not get enough return on your investments.

In order for this not to happen, all deluxe homes for sale in the Philippines are duly prepped for these events, and you should do the same for your luxury home. There are many ways to prepare your property for an open house, and we have them all listed below, so simply continue reading to find out more!

Beautify Your Home Exterior

One of the most important things that you’re going to have to do is make sure that the exterior of your home is beautiful, attractive, and inviting. Otherwise, potential buyers are never going to want to see the interior because they’d easily assume that it’d just be the same – nothing spectacular.

Some examples of what you can do are mow your lawns, trim your hedges, plant some flowers, and wash your windows. You may also want to hire a contractor to pressure wash the walls or have them repainted. These things are going to allow your home to make a good first impression to buyers and they’d be more likely to view the rest of the property instead of just leaving immediately.

Clean and Air Out the Interiors

After you’ve gone over the exterior and have made it beautiful and enticing, it’s time to move on to the interiors. Both these spaces should be as appealing as the other without any of them falling behind in terms of allure.

The things you can do to your interior is clear out any clutter and excess furnishings that make your home look smaller and tighter. You can store these things in your garage or rent a storage unit to keep them completely out of sight. You should also neutralize any unpleasant and strong odors that can drive away buyers by airing out your home, running an air diffuser or, better yet, baking some fresh cookies.

Resolve All Maintenance Issues

Whether they want to admit it or not, buyers are always on the lookout for imperfections so they can haggle better and purchase the property for a lot cheaper. As a seller, you should never give them any reason to do so which means your home is going to have to be spotless and everything thing in it should be in perfect working condition.

Resolve all maintenance issues way before the buyers arrive. Replace burned-out bulbs, fix leaking faucets, and repair broken appliances. These things may seem small, but they mean the world to a buyer looking for a steal. If you don’t want to deal with these problems yourself, then you can easily hire outside help and have them do the hard work for you. It doesn’t matter really how you solve these issues as long as they get fixed.

Remove All Personal Items

Although not at all necessary, real estate experts recommend removing personal items from your luxury home for sale in the Philippines. These include family pictures, personal collections, refrigerator art, and anything else that you have a personal connection to but doesn’t really help in increasing the appeal of the house.

The reason experts suggest this is that buyers want to envision themselves actually living in your home. They want to be able to paint a picture of them and their family residing in your property and that may be a little hard to do with your family photos and personal collections in the way. This may be a tall order, especially for those who hang up or frame every family picture, but we assure you that it’s all going to pay off in the end.

Add a Little Extra Flair to Your Home

We’ve already mentioned removing items from your home and keeping them out of sight, so it might surprise you when we say that you need to add some furniture and items in your interior. This is particularly important if your home is completely bare. In this case, try renting a few key pieces of furniture so that buyers can see what it’s like to have the home decorated and don’t have to imagine it in their minds.

Additional flairs and inviting items such as fresh flower arrangements, platters of fruits, and the like could also make your home a little more beautiful, so try to invest in those. You can also illuminate the porch and front walkway with pretty lights to help show off the house during an evening open house which, by the way, is also a thing.

Key Takeaway

Since we’re in the age of social media, a lot of people wrongly believe that open houses have lost their purpose and that buyers are content with seeing pictures of properties. While images and visual advertisements are important, they won’t be enough to push someone to buy your luxury home for sale in the Philippines.

On the other hand, if your home is bare, rent a few key pieces of furniture to show buyers what it’s like to have the home decorated without having to imagine it in their minds. Every potential home buyer wants to physically see and tour these properties because it’s the only way to feel whether it’s right for them or not. They want to be able to envision living happily and conveniently in the luxury home.

For this reason, it’s important that you allow them to view the entire fantasy and set up your home accordingly. It may take time, effort, and a bit of money, but all of that is sure to pay off once you’ve successfully sold of your home!