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What are the factors to consider when choosing a beachside property?

  1. How was the trip?
  2. Find some peace & quiet
  3. Is it isolated?
  4. Healthy wildlife, healthy water
  5. Safety first

A beachside property should be a peaceful and serene place for you to enjoy away from the bustling city. As such, there are a number of variables to consider when choosing the perfect beachside high-end home in the Philippines. These characteristics could affect the level of relaxation you would experience at your new property. Here is a list of factors to consider when choosing a beachside property for your next vacation home.

How was the trip?

How was the trip?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a beachside property is how far away it is from your actual home. Would it be a two-hour road trip? Or would it be a plane ride away? The ideal balance would be a vacation home that is far enough away from the city but still accessible to reach in a few hours. Do your research well to find a beachside luxury house and lot for sale near you.

Another trip to take note of is the distance from the vacation house itself to the water. Some properties that are found within villages are just a short walk away from the water. Other properties are a short car ride away from the beachside. Make sure to explore and visit the beachside property you are interested in purchasing before finalizing the deal.

Find Some Peace & Quiet

Find Some Peace & Quiet

One other factor to take note of is the surroundings around the house. Is the property found in the corners of a provincial city? Do you have neighbors around? These could be key factors in the amount of noise you would experience while staying in your vacation home.

An ideal beachside property is one situated away from a large population of people but also near other residential homes in case of any emergencies.

Popular Philippine beaches are also home to a number of beach resorts. These would be big generators of noise, especially during the holidays. Weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a luxury house and lot for sale in a tourist-filled area. Talk to a professional realtor who can match you with the perfect beachside property where you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Is it isolated?

The most isolated beachside properties can offer you a place all to yourself. However, it could also mean that it is far away from any amenities and places where you can buy necessities such as food and water. This could be ideal for those who enjoy cooking their own meals. Simply bring a cooler filled with ingredients that could last you the whole trip. Kitchens and grills can easily be installed at any luxury beachside property.

Too much isolation can also mean that in the case of an emergency, services would take some time to get to your vacation home. It is important to keep stock of items that you could use in case one does happen. To prevent fires from spreading, have a fire extinguisher ready and easily accessible at all times. When it comes to injuries, have a fully equipped first aid kit to help bandage any wounds. And in more extreme circumstances, try to prepare emergency bags for you and your family to grab and go.

Healthy  Wildlife, Healthy Water

Healthy  Wildlife, Healthy Water

To be able to gauge how safe the water is near possible beachside homes, observe the amount of wildlife living within it. Is there a considerable amount of wildlife in the water? This could be an indication that the water is safe and clean to swim in. Is there a lack of the amount of wildlife that can be found within the waters? This could be a sign that the area is not safe to enter. Make sure to know what beaches near properties are known for by doing some thorough research.

It would be ideal to always have a lifeguard or someone to look out for you and your family when you swim at your beachside property. Even if the amount of wildlife in the water is thriving, there is still a risk of sudden intense waves. Trained lifeguards would surely be able to not only keep an eye on you and your family but would also know the best possible steps to execute in the case of any emergencies. If the area you are interested in is prone to intense waves, look for a property within a subdivision that has trained professional lifeguards at bay.

Safety First

Assume that your vacation home will be vacant for the majority of the year. Due to this, it is important to take some precautions to ensure that the area you have chosen is safe to leave your unattended home in. Here is a list of safety measures you can do to keep your vacation home safe.

  • Ask your realtor for the background of the surrounding area
  • Set up numerous locks on doors
  • Install CCTV Cameras

Key Takeaway

When deciding which beachside property you should invest in from a number of high-end homes in the Philippines, think of the different factors that could affect your vacation experience. These are just a few examples of things to look out for while you are looking through beachside properties. Trust the best and most experienced realtors on the market to help you find the property best suited for you.


What activities can you do in your high-end home?

  1. Indoor picnic
  2. Movie night
  3. Film a home movie
  4. Have a LAN party

Those who live in high-end homes in the Philippines often have a lot of things that can keep them entertained no matter what the weather outside may be. For example, luxury homes usually have different amenities in them such as a swimming pool or a movie room.

That being said, even when they live in the most luxurious of homes, there are still some families that would rather go to malls or other commercial establishments to stave off the summer heat. What they don’t know, however, is that they’re missing so many things that they can do in the comfort of their home.

You should make an effort to make the most of your high-end home in many situations. Yes, you can spend time in a resort or a hotel for the summer, but just think about how fun it would be to do all sorts of activities in the comfort of your own home! Take a look at these four exciting summer activities you can do in your home!

Indoor Picnics

Indoor Picnics

Summer in the Philippines is not quite the same as those in other countries. Often, all you’ll see are people sweating as they try to go to work or, exhausted from the dreadfully hot weather. It may sometimes go as far as people avoiding going outside at all because of the intense heat.

This means that because of the extreme temperatures, it will be hard for you to enjoy even a simple picnic in the park. If that’s the case, then why not just do it in the comfort of your own home? It sounds ridiculous at first, but the experience will really grow on you.

You won’t expose yourself to the scorching sun. There won’t be any annoying insects around. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about your bathroom situation!

To some, this might seem childish and a bit immature, but therein lies the charm of an indoor picnic. It’s something that’s relatively tame made more fun when done at home!

Movie Night

Movie Night

Netflix and other popular streaming platforms have made date nights at home so much more interesting. Now, you can just stay at home and watch all the movies and TV shows that you want. This is even better when your home is filled with the latest home theater appliances or better yet if you have a dedicated movie room set up.

Movie nights are made more appealing when you have a dedicated movie room at home. If not, it’s fairly easy to make one of your own. All you need is a BIG monitor or a clean white wall and a projector. People nowadays would have a laptop at the ready and an HDMI cable to connect it to the projector or monitor.

You can turn up a notch by installing a few home speakers to make it feel more like a theater.

The best thing about movie nights at home is that you can get as cozy as you want — you can lie down, or just sit on the floor!

Film a Home Movie

Sometimes, when the heat just won’t let you go out of your home, you tend to find something interesting to do. Instead of the usual activities such as playing games or reading books, why not be productive in a different way?

For people who like capturing moments, you can create your own movie in your own home! It doesn’t have to be a full-blown segment either. All it needs to be is a fun, homemade flick that your whole family will enjoy.

You can try out many things here. You can just do whatever random stuff you want, you can showcase your home and give a tour of the house, or you can create funny skits with your family.

Anything goes when you’re using a video camera!

Have a LAN Party

Have a LAN Party

This one is more for the hardcore gamers out there. Yes, it’s enjoyable to just play on your own on your console or on your computer, but you can have more fun playing with your friends and family.

Many games today have multiplayer capabilities, ranging from two to eight players simultaneously enjoying the game. If you have the big TV for a 2k19 match, then why not bring your friends over to have fun as well? You might even want to host your own tournament just to up the stakes a bit more, all for the fun of the whole crowd!

Key Takeaway

High-end homes in the Philippines are often made for big families to enjoy, which is why most of them have many kinds of amenities. Remember, your home is not just the place you sleep in. A luxury home will always have something for everyone even when boredom reigns supreme and there’s nothing better to do outside.

Make the most of your home by doing these activities together with your family! Instead of going on a trip this summer, enjoy your luxury home and get to know it in an entirely new light!


What different kitchen ideas should you consider for your luxury home?

  1. Hang a crystal chandelier
  2. Paint it all black
  3. Go for marble
  4. Nostalgic rustic
  5. Try a mosaic floor
  6. Modern stainless finish
  7. An ideal aquarium
  8. Win it with wooden

High end homes in the Philippines are viewed as aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully designed structures which reflect the sense of appeal of the people who own them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that beauty can only be observed on the outside. There should be a balance of elegance and composition within the home as well.
Striking the balance here means that extravagance isn’t just focused on bedrooms, lounging areas, or any other area guests may set their foot on. Extravagance should be observed even in areas that don’t see a lot of foot traffic like the kitchen.

Just because the kitchen’s function is reserved for food preparation doesn’t mean interior design should be limited. Rather, it should be as eye-catching and appealing as the rest of the luxurious abode.
Achieving such prestigious views may sound difficult to plan, but here are different high end kitchen interior ideas to help you get started.

Hang a Crystal Chandelier

Hang a Crystal Chandelier

What could be more jaw-dropping than finding a crystal chandelier hanging from your kitchen ceiling? One of the main purposes of a chandelier is to be the center of attention. Having an elegant chandelier installed is a perfect way to give visual focus on the striking characteristics of your kitchen. Not only does it boast grandeur, but it also showcases calmness and a soothing atmosphere — something that only the presence of a chandelier could bring.

Paint it All Black

They say black is one of the gloomiest colors out there. So why would you have your kitchen painted entirely in black? Well, black is actually a sexy color scheme to consider. With black, not only is your kitchen easier to clean, but your furniture easily becomes the center of attention. This is because it is quite easy to pair different colors with a dark backdrop. The most appropriate color to contrast black is white since it creates a distinguishing pattern in your kitchen. It is visually pleasing to see the balance between these two opposite colors. You may even try possessing obsidian or obsidian-colored utensils to perfectly fit the mood.

Go for Marble

Go for Marble

Many high end homes in the Philippines opt for this precious stone material. Marble speaks of a contemporary design matched by delicate features. For the most part, marble is usually a light-colored material that exposes the immensity of rooms upon which it is installed. The stained, vein-like patterns that streak across marble surfaces give pause to a cream-colored hue. This, in turn, produces that crisp and pristine finish.

The Nostalgic Rustic

If you wish to feel the warm welcome and cozy atmosphere upon entering your kitchen, you may want to consider a rustic theme. Rustic themes evoke a nostalgic recall towards the country-style decoration. This style makes use of wooden beams, painted cabinets, cobblestone floors, and/or brick walls. Luxury can sometimes be found in simplicity. The rustic-themed kitchen definitely blends the candor of the countryside and the prominence of a modern luxury home.

Try a Mosaic Floor

Try a Mosaic Floor

The mosaic is an ancient art form; a practice which takes you back to the age of antiquity. The mosaic brings out the artist in you. You have the freedom to choose the various designs you would love to see embedded on your kitchen floor. It is colorful, creative, and is one of the rarer trends in interior designs nowadays. Level up the mosaic floor idea by opting for glass instead of tile material. In addition to the elegance and smoothness, glass also provides the convenience of being easy to clean.

Modern Stainless Steel Finish

Modern Stainless Steel Finish

What better way to express the modernity of your kitchen than with stainless steel? We know that steel is a commonly used material because of its durability and corrosion-resistant capabilities. However, is it all for that purpose alone? Stainless steel brings out the uniformity of your preference. It shows your understanding of convenience vis-à-vis elegance because you can balance the brilliant luster of stainless steel furniture with that of your appliances.

An Ideal Aquarium

If you’re a fan of theme parks that feature ocean life, then you’d probably love to have an aquarium in your kitchen. Aquariums, like indoor plants, give off a unique feel to an area. Aquariums can serve as a tranquil and rather mesmerizing attraction in your kitchen. Viewing the waters and its inhabitants can take away the stress when cooking and it can contribute to your peace of mind.

Win It With Wooden

You should not underestimate the charm that a wooden themed kitchen could offer. Although wooden cabinets, furniture, and utensils are common, you are not bound to simple brown, log patterns alone. Remember, when it comes to wood, you have several combinations to choose from: timber, burnt patterns, pine, and so on and so forth. Wood-styled kitchens take inspiration from nature. It provides a relaxing atmosphere which envelops the kitchen while you cook and dine.

Key Takeaway

A luxurious home does not only showcase its magnificence when viewed from the outside. It doesn’t only satisfy residents, nor their guests when the grandeur of its interior is only limited to one or two rooms. Bear in mind that what makes any home splendid are those which are decorated thoroughly, planned precisely, and executed with delicacy.


What are the benefits of indoor plants?

  1. They help purify the air
  2. It improves well-being
  3. Reduces the chance of illness
  4. It can serve as inspiration

One of the best things about strolling through a flower garden or even having a backyard filled with exquisite plants is having a place to relax and meditate. Spending time surrounded by nature takes away distracting thoughts. In the Philippines, high-end homes may just be the perfect place to bring indoor potted plants. Add some green to your furniture and decoration at home. Make use of the considerable space and structure that you have by bringing in plants inside your luxury home.

Plants could alleviate all the troubles and negative aura that you accumulate the same way that appreciating abstract paintings or sculptures can. Even when you do plan on investing in a luxury house for sale in the Philippines — the dream of most people — luxury alone isn’t enough. Sometimes, you’ve got to find respite from what bothers you every day. Allowing plants inside your home might be just the answer to that. Other than its decorative factor, what exactly can plants bring to a household?

They help purify the air

One major contributor to global warming is the lack of plants and trees to clean the air. In the Philippines, even high-end homes can be affected by poor air quality, especially if you live in a busy area or if there are cigarette smokers living with you.

By keeping plants indoors, it does its work of ridding the air around you of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde or benzene. It also raises the air’s humidity by releasing water in the form of moisture vapor in the atmosphere. With fresh air, you’ll find it easier to breathe. You have the peace of mind knowing that pollution is being filtered within your house.

Examples of plants you can keep are aloe vera, snake plant, spider plant, bamboo palm, and/or chrysanthemum.

It improves well-being

While living in a luxury house for sale in the Philippines could already improve your well-being, a house with plants within is more refreshing than those without. But what about those who tend to their garden or flower patch outdoors? It’s been proven that visiting the garden and caring for your flowers can improve your happiness, health, and overall well-being. It can be your sanctuary where everything around you gives them a positive feeling.

If you prefer to care for plants inside your home, that works too! Just as you care for the plants, they return the favor by uplifting your emotions and helps you refocus. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and joy. Eventually, you might even have the urge to start purchasing and/or growing more plants just to take away the stress and keep yourself busy with plant care. All those colors are just too pleasant; it improves your mood. You start to become more optimistic, you have a sense of stability, and you seem to be attracting more positive energy than usual.

It deters illnesses

It’s a given that plants filter the air to give us a cleaner and more breathable space. The filtering process that plants do lowers the risk of respiratory problems — one of the most common causes of colds. With plants inside your home, you can rest easy knowing that you’re breathing fresh, clean air.

In addition, if you weren’t already aware, there are also such things as ‘herbal medicine’. These come from growing certain plants and making something out of their natural healing properties.

Having plants around can also be a form of therapy for the mind to ensure our mental wellness stay healthy. It calms those who are stressed and helps meditation to become more meaningful.

It can serve as inspiration

Many believe that plants and flowers can spark certain emotions when a person sees or comes near them. Take giving flowers for your loved ones for instance.

When there is a wedding, birthday celebration, someone hospitalized, a funeral, flowers are certain to be part of the event. It isn’t just because they are used for decorations but because they mean different things to a lot of people. Flowers and plants are themes for artists’ works—paintings, music, and written works as they express beauty and strikes serenity to their audiences.

In the same vein, having calming plants and beautiful flowers in your home can be the spark of inspiration that you’re looking for.

Key Takeaway

Plants are helpful in more ways than one. They aren’t just used for decorative purposes but serve their purpose in promoting a better home and healthy living. Having plants all around your luxury home can bring about benefits that are both tangible and intangible.


Although branded residences have been around for nearly a century, it was only in the 1980s that the market has grown significantly. With North America as the largest market for branded residences with a 32% market share, Asia Pacific comes a close second with 30% while Europe is third with 13%.

In Southeast Asia, the dawn of the first branded residences, the Aman brand, happened in Phuket, Thailand. This is when the successful sale of some 30 villas of Amanpuri in 1988 led to the subsequent evolution of the brand. It was in 1995, during the launch of Four Seasons Chiang Mai that Thailand’s first branded residences was introduced, in collaboration with an international hotel chain. Since then, branded hotel chains continued to develop and has remained the most dominant form of branded residences in the region.

In light of new entrants in the market, the meaning behind branded residences has taken on an expanded definition in recent years. It has further evolved by marrying residential real estate with brands from other sectors such as fashion, jewelry, interior design, and even automotive brands. Luxury brands such as Armani, Bvlgari, and Porsche are some examples of these other sectors.

One of the newest branded residences in the market is currently in construction in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre or KLCC, its two residential towers are set to become the world’s tallest twisted twin towers upon completion.

This is made possible by YOO8 serviced by Kempinski, who features not one but two power brands – international design studio YOO founded by John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck and Europe’s oldest and most established hotel group, Kempinski, which was founded in 1897. YOO8 serviced by Kempinski is part of 8 Conlay by Malaysian developer KSK Land, and features interior concepts by Steve Leung and Kelly Hoppen of YOO studio and in-house services by Kempinski.

A brand is a stamp of quality recognized and cherished by buyers, and is one that comes with a premium. With a growing market and higher expectations from consumers, branded residences will have to continually stand out to attract investors and maintain their premium over luxury residences. It was reported that buyers were willing to pay premiums of up to 132 percent in Bangkok and 69 percent in Kuala Lumpur over non-branded dwellings, what more if they see the quality and elegance of a branded one?

For those who dream of having the best in luxury living from iconic buildings by starchitects, interior works by top international designers, to five-star services and amenities, a branded residence is the perfect answer. It is more than just luxury. It is history in the making.

Are you interested to own a branded residence soon? Know more about it by downloading the “LIVE BRANDED – Rise of the Branded Residences” report and you will be well on your way to becoming the owner of a property that is all class and elegance!


What great ideas for luxury living spaces can you incorporate into your home?

  1. Use marble decor
  2. Put-up mirrors
  3. Display artwork
  4. Incorporate more plants
  5. Spruce up the entryway
  6. Add more bedding layers
  7. Choose neutral colors
  8. Adjust lighting

Some high-end homes in the Philippines when you first buy them, won’t always look like a place of luxury. In fact, all you might get is mostly bare; wide garden spaces, unfurnished kitchens, and empty rooms. These spaces may be huge, but they rarely feel like home.

If you have just recently a bought a high-end home which seems too plain, then these are the different ways you can do to make the living spaces more luxurious.

Use Marble Décor

Marble is practically a staple when it comes to high-end homes in the Philippines. This stone is prized by interior designers and homeowners alike for its glossy shine intricate patterns. These characteristics make them look more desirable than other common building materials. Additionally, you can choose from different colors including black, white, and beige.

In your home, the best marble decorations are those that are paired with warm tones such as gold since they naturally harmonize due to their contrasting tones. Additionally, you should just stick to statement pieces such as furniture for marble can easily look very heavy-handed.

Put Up Mirrors

Mirrors can make any living space larger by reflecting natural light. When it comes to this decoration, there are different ways of adding it to your luxury house:

  • Put up a vertical mirror in your bathroom vanity.
  • Put up a horizontal mirror in your bedroom as a functional decoration.
  • Put up a wall-sized mirror at the end of a hallway.

Display Artwork

Not every homeowner can afford to spend money on beautiful artwork. Thus, displaying stunning works of art in your living space can bring an extra “oomph” factor to your luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines. Additionally, it shows your love for adventure, great taste, and a sense of individuality.

When it comes to picking the right art pieces, these are tips to consider:

  • Have money on hand for the framing of the piece itself.
  • It should not match your decorations.
  • Do not go with a particular piece just because it has a certain artist’s name.
  • Buy from a credible dealer.
  • Choose according to your interests.

Incorporate More Plants

Incorporating plants and other greenery adds luxury by making your living space more relaxing and peaceful to stay in. After all, there is no feeling more magnificent than tranquility. You will surely sleep great every night surrounded by natural foliage.

Not only do they add stability to the structure of your land, they also bring in some vibrancy and health benefits. Plants can purify the air in your home by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorbing harmful, volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde.

A few great plants to bring indoors that are easy to maintain include:

  • Bonsai Tree
  • Pothos
  • Iron Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Cactus
  • Weeping Fig

Spruce up the Entryway

Whenever you check in at expensive hotels, the first thing you’ll notice is the beautifully decorated reception area near the main entryway. Hotels do this because it shows the guests that they are serious about displaying luxury.

Therefore, take time to spruce up the entryway of your luxury home. This way, your guests automatically know how luxurious your living space is as soon as they enter.

To create one, you can add some or all of these pieces:

  • Statement centerpiece
  • Colorful table cover
  • Lamp
  • Medium-sized mirror

Add More Bedding Layers

When it comes to the master bedroom, guest bedrooms, and other bedrooms, you can automatically make it look grander by adding more bedding layers. By doing this, you can give off a cozy feeling while still exuding luxury.

For this specific idea, you can follow the triple sheeting trick where you put a comforter between two starched sheets. By doing this, you are adding a feel of crispiness to the bed; just make sure the sheets are high-quality.

Choose Neutral Colors

When you are decorating a high-end home in the Philippines, you want accessories, blankets, and other pieces to look deluxe, but not too pompous. An easy way to avoid an overbearing-looking design to use more neutral colors.

Neutral shades can make you feel more at home. They are pleasing to the eye and show maturity and elegance. To keep the colors from looking too dull, choose decorations that are made with good materials. Consider interesting textures, rich fabrics, and sophisticated stones.

Adjust Lighting

Good lighting can give any luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines a comforting glow. To add more of it into your house, you can go to ways; natural lighting and artificial.

To let more of the sun’s rays into your living space, place a huge mirror in front of the windows. This piece will reflect the sunlight back to the whole room. When it comes to artificial illumination, the most elegant looking source is still a ceiling chandelier.

Key Takeaway

A high-end home won’t always feel like one right after you buy it. You have to put in the time and effort to plan out how your home is going to look. By applying these ideas to your living space, you can make it more luxurious in no time!


What should you look for when choosing reliable security measures for your high-end home?

  1. Difficult to break into
  2. Centralized home security strategy
  3. Asset protection devices
  4. Can operate even during power outages
  5. Visible, physical protection
  6. Different options for locking

Purchasing their very own high-end home in the Philippines is a dream come true for many people. What they don’t take into account, however, is that it is an absolute must to keep their homes constantly secure once they do have it. Top-notch personal safety and security have always been important for the wealthy for a long time. Today’s home security systems are extremely advanced which is why the right one has to be secure and trustworthy. It must have all the right features that your luxury home needs. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a reliable security system for your high-end homes.

Difficult to Break Into

Luxury homes are considered primary targets for crime. Generally, these properties are perceived as being quick and easy to gain access to. It is less likely that your home will be broken into if it requires more time and effort to access. Some preventative measures include installing motion sensors, security control panels, and surveillance cameras throughout every part of your home. All of these ensure that everything, from your safety to your property, is protected from harm. It is important to speak first with a security specialist when making final decisions for what type of security works best for your home.

Centralized Home Security Strategy

Nowadays, it is essential that luxury houses for sale in the Philippines have a security system installed. Every homeowner or real estate agent know that the function of a security system is to alert the homeowner as soon as intruders have been detected. This is especially important if you have a huge property that you can’t always monitor or attend to. With motion detectors installed on the outside of your home, you can pick up movements before the intruders get too close, stopping them in their tracks and alerting you at the earliest moment of intrusion.

Asset Protection Devices

One of the most important aspects of being a luxury homeowner is protecting your valuables and assets. It doesn’t always have to be exclusively expensive items either; you may have collected and purchased items that have sentimental value to you. However, you can never know what might happen should your luxury home be targeted and your properties are damaged because intruders knew you don’t have a tight security system. Asset protection devices will let you know if your important valuables have been tampered with. Installing a surveillance camera can be a good countermeasure to theft or vandalism. More importantly, it is beneficial for luxury home-owners to not only have their valuables safe but also for them to have peace of mind.

Can Operate Even During Power Outages

Many luxury homeowners should be rightfully concerned if their installed security protection is still turned on if they are away or if there is an incoming power outage. No matter what type of security system you have, it should still be able to continue to operate even when there is no power available. Typically, a traditional home system is powered by low voltage electricity which means it doesn’t take a lot to run the system. It should include a large battery that supports the main system even when the main power is out.

Visible, Physical Protection

Creating a physical barrier around your property’s perimeter is considered a good precautionary measure that will help deter potential home intruders. A viable physical security system that uses both technology and security personnel is quite an effective combination. Security experts agree that the three most important components of a security plan for luxury houses for sale in the Philippines should include access control, surveillance, and security testing. It is important for all entry points and security barriers to be connected in a security system so that everyone living inside is alerted if intruders are detected.  

Different Options for Locking

When choosing reliable security measures, having different options in locking and keeping your home safe is worth considering. Different locking methods suit different users and it can affect the price, security, and convenience. The most basic locking mechanism is, of course, having keys to every door, gate, and entryway. There are also mechanical combinations, electronic interfaces, and even biometric locks to take note of. Additionally, a security system should be easy to use, reliable, and robust.

Key Takeaway

At the end of the day, purchasing a luxury home is quite a huge expense, so might as well invest in reliable security measures to protect your property at all times. Before purchasing a home security system, however, do your research and take a look at the many types of security systems as well as some of its additional features. This will help you determine what you will need for your high-end home in the Philippines. Remember that everyone deserves to have their family, home, and property safe and secure.


What are the most important rooms in high-end homes in the Philippines?

  1. Living Room
  2. Dining Hall and Kitchen
  3. Master’s Bedroom
  4. Outdoors
  5. Leisure Room

A very important question every luxury home owner should ask is: what are the amenities that make high-end homes in the Philippines extravagant? Traditionally, luxury home owners focus on having larger spaces and having lots of furniture. Nowadays, modern luxury home owners want something they can be proud of in their home. This means that they will be needing a lot of money to spend on equipment, furniture, and appliances in each room.

The upscale buyer’s tastes and expectations are constantly changing as houses and apartments grow larger. They want to incorporate more furniture in larger room areas, but what they should actually focus on is the interior. Don’t know where to begin with? Here are the important rooms every luxury end homes should have.

Living Room

The living room is one of the first room luxury buyers look for in luxury houses for sale in the Philippines. It should feel as if you’re making a grand entrance. In addition, it’s much better if the living room is near to the outdoors so you can look at beautiful views all while staying indoors.

Give your living room space a wow factor by hanging pieces of art on its walls. Also, lighting, one of the most important concepts in a space that people usually forget about, adds depth to a room. True to its name, the living room should definitely feel lively because it’s where the family gathers together.

Dining Hall and Kitchen

For home buyers, the kitchen is about entertaining guests with visual grandness. Many people consider the kitchen and dining room as the heart of the home. It’s important to use durable and high-quality materials like marble, quartz, and granite for a luxurious feel.

The look and feel inside your luxury home’s kitchen should be like that of an expensive restaurant. The dining hall must be complete with the best silverware and the finest China dinnerware for your family and guests. The kitchen should come with exquisite kitchenware ovens, stove and a wine cellar if you fancy.

It should have every expensive kitchen gadget and appliance you can think of. In other words, both the dining and kitchen area should spell culinary haven worthy of a three-Michelin-star restaurant.

Master Bedroom

You want a bedroom that is fit for a king and a queen. While it is the most overlooked room because only you can see it, add specific elements of a master bedroom by including a variety of color, design and the theme should match your personality.

Every bedroom should also have a walk-in closet, lights that set the mood of the room and big mirrors. A big part of the room should showcase their suit, dress, and shoe collection to model their outfits. Your bedroom space deserves all the best attention and decoration.


Regardless of its design, a bathroom can create the illusion of space by being minimalist. It should have strategic features that evoke the feel of a luxurious spa. Build a well-ventilated bathroom with an elegant bathtub and a multiple shower system complete with heating rooms and towel warmers.

A lot of times, accessories are the ones that give space its character. An example is adding a bathroom rug that has a soft and pleasant texture, while a big mirror wall and decorative stones add as key accents to a chic bathroom.


While this is not a room, outdoor spaces are really important for home buyers because a luxury home is all about the views. A high-end home that deserves to show off should have a functional and beautiful backyard overlooking a great view so you can enjoy the warm weather. Also, it should have a zen garden with exquisite landscapes, an expensive swimming pool with water features like waterfalls and plenty of privacy is a must.

Leisure Room

Luxury home buyers want a space that allows them to lounge with family and friends – somewhere they can enjoy the latest hit blockbuster without having to sacrifice the experience of the big screen. This is the main goal of the in-house movie theater.

Its most impressive features should offer reclining seats, mood lighting and up to date video and sound systems. When the movie ends and it’s time to look for other things, many luxury homeowners feature their own entertainment room with a bar area, game rooms and more. Its main purpose should make the homeowner never have to leave the house just to have fun.

Key Takeaway

In the world of high-end homes in the Philippines, every amenity must be over the top that it rivals the most luxurious five-star hotels and restaurants. Luxury homes are all about living a grand lifestyle. Homeowners must step up to take their luxury rooms to the next level. It is an investment that you will surely be proud to have your own luxury space that you worked hard for.


How do you maintain the property value of high-end homes in the Philippines?

  1. Perform regular maintenance
  2. Work on repairs immediately
  3. Increase curb appeal
  4. Make marketable improvements
  5. Ask for expert Advice

Buying high-end homes in the Philippines is more than just a financial decision — it is actually a huge investment! Naturally, as with any investment, you want the return to be as high as possible, and that can only be achieved if you stay on top of maintenance.

Often, people realize too late that a property’s value depreciates greatly over time and are greeted with disappointment when they’re ready to sell. Once they put their home on the market, they are faced with the fact that it won’t sell or the price is far lower than what they initially expected. In the end, they are forced to sell, which is unfortunate because it’s not that hard to maintain or even increase property value.

If you don’t want to end up in the same boat as these people, then we highly recommend that you stick with these practices once you’ve taken ownership of your high end home!

Perform Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the easiest, but also the most important move you can make to maintain the value of your home. Aside from keeping your home tidy and organized, maintenance also involves making sure that everything is in its best condition.

You can leave this task up to the professionals or do them yourself. We suggest you go with the former if you have the money to spare and when expert knowledge is really needed. If the task is manageable, then best do it yourself to avoid any additional expenses.

Maintenance not only prevents property value to depreciate but also helps avoid damages that could lead to difficult and expensive repairs, so make sure not to skimp on it.

Work On Repairs Immediately

Sometimes, you have to accept that regular maintenance isn’t enough to keep things in good shape. Everything has a lifespan and maintenance only delays their inevitable end. Once that is reached, however, there’s nothing you can do but issue repairs or replacements.

When this happens, make sure to do the repairs or replacements immediately and don’t let the problem sit for too long. If you do, then you run the risk of turning a small issue into a bigger one that may require large amounts of money to solve.

Unlike with maintenance, however, we suggest that you leave repairs to the professionals, especially if you have no knowledge or experience on the matter. Taking up the task yourself may lead to additional problems that we’re sure you don’t want to deal with.

Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of the property based on its exterior or when it is viewed from the streets. The parts of your home that contribute to this are its landscaping, front entrance, and paint or siding. Simply put, the aesthetics of the façade of your home is what determines curb appeal.

Ever since the housing boom, curb appeal has been one of the determining factors of a property’s value, which is why it’s important to boost it as much as possible. This entails undertaking tasks such as painting and/or power washing your exterior walls, keeping a healthy lawn, trimming bushes and trees, and many more!

It’s important to keep in mind that prospective buyers are going to paint a picture of what the interior of your home looks like based on its exterior. If it’s unkempt, then they will instantly assume that the interior is equally unappealing.

Make Marketable Improvements

There are a lot of things that can slowly eat away at the value of your home without you knowing; outdated and inefficient appliances, furniture, and fixtures are actually some of these.

Although not necessary, it is highly recommended that you make marketable improvements and upgrade these things according to the latest technologies. You should also consider renovating rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. These two specific areas are a huge part of your home’s value, so it’s best to keep them in great condition and remodel them every few years or when your budget allows it.

Whenever you make these improvements, make sure that you’re prioritizing quality over quantity. Packing your home with dozens of technologically-advanced appliances won’t do much if they’re of low quality; the same can be said for poorly executed home extensions or renovations.

Ask for Expert Advice

The thing with property value maintenance is that it not everything works for everyone. There are some strategies or techniques that are only applicable to a select number of houses and barely affect others.

A great example of this would be remodeling parts of your home. In some areas, a renovated bedroom may hold more value than a remodeled kitchen or bathroom. If you don’t want to spend your time and money on a useless improvement, then we suggest that you run your plans by the experts before you put them in motion.

These people can tell you what actions to take to boost your home’s worth. They can even point out small problems that may have big impacts when solved – things you may have failed to notice yourself.

Key Takeaway

High-end homes in the Philippines have great resale value and you can take advantage of this if you stick to these maintenance practices. These shouldn’t be difficult to follow and are sure to be worth it in the end. Even if you don’t have any plans of selling your home at the moment, it’s still best to adhere to this just in case you change your mind!


Why should you buy high-end homes in the Philippines?

  1. Bask in absolute comfort
  2. Stay safe with top-notch security
  3. Live in the best areas
  4. Enjoy using advanced technology
  5. Make a great and profitable investment

The demand for high-end homes in the Philippines has always been high, regardless of the country’s economy. It has even gotten to a point where supply almost ran out. These days, however, there are enough high-end homes to go around in the country. Anyone interested in purchasing one can easily take their pick. You won’t even have much competition because everyone who wants to buy a home has something specific and slightly different in mind. In essence, it’s easier to purchase a high-end home today than a modest one as long as you have large sums of money.

That said, it makes one wonder exactly why high-end homes in the Philippines are in such high demand. If you look at the state of the country, it would make more sense to settle for less and save as much money as you can instead of purchasing extravagant homes that are worth tens of millions. Even those who have more than enough are sometimes bewildered and perplexed by other’s need and want to make such purchases.

Oftentimes, people assume that those who buy such properties just want to burn their money or show off their status, but that’s actually not the case. There are many great reasons to buy high-end homes, and we’ve even enumerated a few of them, so continue reading more to find out!

Bask in Absolute Comfort

When we speak of comfort, we aren’t only talking about soft beds, pillows, and sofas — you can get those things from any kind of home, high-end or not. What we mean, instead, are the wonderful amenities that come with it.

Swimming pools, themed gardens, personal gyms, manicured lawns, and entertainment rooms — these are just a few of the features that come with any high-end home. Consequently, these are also things that can make you and your family’s living experience that much more enjoyable and comfortable.

Stay Safe with Top-Notch Security

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own homes, but the sad fact is that not everyone will be able to. Modest homes today are rarely fitted with top-of-the-line security systems that can make residents feel safe and secure at home. On average, homes have some sort of alarm attached to their doors or CCTV cameras but sometimes that’s just not enough. This is especially true in this day and age.

For high-end homes, aside from actually having the best of the best security systems available, they’re also often positioned in a neighborhood that is heavily guarded by trained security personnel. These are the kinds of places that criminals won’t be able to enter so easily. Even if they happen to, they’d be caught before they even begin to do their crimes.

Live in the Best Areas

As mentioned above, high-end homes are located in well-guarded neighborhoods and these areas are often exclusive and sought out but very hard to get into. It’s one of those places that you think you only get to see on TV but actually exist in real life.

These areas are usually surrounded by important facilities such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, making it easier for families to access whatever their needs are. On top of that, the kind of environment they have is significantly cleaner and healthier than others. The tight-knit communities formed within these places also have high degrees of culture and education. Overall, these are great places for children to grow up in and adults to live in.

Enjoy Using Advanced Technology

One of the many things that make high-end homes extraordinary is the level of technology and IT innovation that has been integrated into them. Examples of these technologies that help elevate the living experience are solar generators, voice-controlled fixtures, AI-integrated home systems, and high-tech appliances.

You can say that these things can be found in normal homes, but definitely not at the same level. High-end homes meet a different set of standards and cater mostly to home buyers that are looking to enjoy an ultra-modern lifestyle.

Make a Great and Profitable Investment

The best and often the main reason people purchase high-end homes in the Philippines is that they’re great and profitable investments. If research is done right and purchase and sale are done perfectly, then sizeable profits are in store.

In some ways, the luxury real estate market which encompasses high-end homes is more stable and safe than the average one. Property values very rarely stagnate and are usually on the rise. This guarantees that yields will always be in the positive.

In addition to all this, keep in mind that homes serve a practical purpose. People can live in them comfortably and safely while enjoying the appreciation of the property’s value.

Key Takeaway

People don’t buy high-end homes just to show off or spend their money; they actually do it for legitimate and logical purposes. The high return on investment is often the deciding factor but the other four reasons don’t fall far behind. If we’ve convinced you to buy one, then we suggest that you start communicating with a property specialist in order to own the high-end home of your dreams!