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How can you beat the summer heat through home interior design?

  1. Invest in a cupola
  2. Cross-ventilation
  3. Light-colored walls
  4. Kinds of external shade
  5. The stack effect
  6. Fans. Fans. Fans.

Are you looking for ways to beat the summer heat?

The Philippines is home to an abundance of greenery that promotes the flow of cool air. Some luxury homes in the Philippines that are designed for aesthetic value may have overlooked the option of a naturally ventilated home. This can result in the poor flow of air in the interior of your home which would require you to purchase a number of cooling machines.

To reduce the overall carbon footprint of your luxury home, opt for a more eco-friendly solution to beat the heat. You can choose to invest in deluxe homes for sale with more natural cooling solutions. Here is a list of ways you can design a cooler home.

Invest in a Cupola

A cupola is a small dome-like structure added to the top of a home. Since heat rises, a low ceiling home may end up trapping hot air. Cupolas and high ceilings allow the hot air to rise and exit through windows. This makes room for cold air to enter and fill the house. Cupolas also promote the circulation of air within a home, even with the absence of a breeze outside.



Cross-ventilation can be improved through a number of ways. One is through the strategic placement of casement windows, louvres, and sliding windows. You could also install tall windows on opposite sides of a room. This provides multiple flow paths for air that comes in from many directions. It can collect and direct the breeze through different parts of the home.

In order to encourage the flow of air, place larger windows on the leeward (low pressure) side of the house and smaller windows on the windward (high pressure) side.

Light-Colored Walls

Visually, dark-colored exterior walls in homes can be pleasing to look at. However, dark colors tend to absorb the sun’s heat. Dark-colored walls also retain the heat it has absorbed for an incredibly long period. Opt for light-colored exterior walls in order to reflect the heat of the sun away.

Another way to help you feel cool in your home is the integration of the Psychology of Color into your interior design. Choose “cool” colors such as blues and greens instead of “warm” colors such as orange and yellow for your furnishing.

External Shade Options

External Shade Options

An easy alternative to promoting airflow through your home is giving it protection from the sun’s rays. This is where external shades, both natural and industrial, come in. Examples of natural external shades include strategically placed trees and plants to block the sun’s rays. On the other hand, examples of industrial external shades are eaves, overhangs, and sunshades.

Eaves provide shade to the exterior wall of a home. It is a purposeful extension of rafters to hang over the house. You could also choose to add a filter to your windows and glass doors to filter out intense sunlight.

Roof overhangs can protect doors and windows from the rays of the sun. It can also prevent rain or other sources of water from entering the inside of the house. It acts as a protective barrier on top of the house.

Sunshades are made to limit the rays of direct sunlight that stream through windows. They are made with the sun’s differing positions throughout the day in mind. It also takes into account if your house is facing the north, south, east, or west. This is to determine at what angle sunlight would hit the windows.

The Stack Effect

The Stack Effect

Natural home ventilation systems use the Stack Effect to circulate the air around the house. The Stack Effect occurs when warm air rises and creates a low-pressure zone at the bottom of your home. This zone draws in cold air through openings found around the house.

Imagine that you are in your kitchen cooking your family dinner. Your pan produces just a bit too much smoke, so you decide to turn what on? The kitchen hood. The hood is an opening that allows the warm air to escape upwards. This is because warm air is lighter, and tends to float up into the highest possible area. This is an example of The Stack Effect.

The same goes for your home. Strategically placing doors, windows, and other openings on the upper portions of your home can greatly reduce the amount of warm air circulating inside.

Fans. Fans. Fans.

If the heat becomes too high to bear and natural ventilation alone cannot handle it, an eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning units are electric fans. Research on fans that do not consume a ton of energy. Install ceiling fans to further expedite the cooling process of your home.

Key Takeaway

There are a number of different ways you can choose to beat the summer heat. To reduce your carbon footprint, opt for more eco-friendly solutions. Consult with a trusted architect to design a house that would value natural ventilation in order to enjoy the cool Philippine breeze.

Another method would be to purchase deluxe homes for sale located in an area full of trees and other kinds of flora. This would greatly help in the circulation of cool air.

Invest in one of these natural cooling strategies for your luxury home in the Philippines.


What are the most unique themed secret room ideas you can have for your luxury home?

  1. Want your own quiet space?
  2. Quirky game room for the kids
  3. Movie themed private cinema
  4. Your own personal speakeasy
  5. Hidden luxury closet

Take your luxury home in the Philippines to the next level with themed secret rooms. Impress your guests with a hidden wine cellar, host a movie marathon in your own personal cinema, or have fun with your children in a specialized game room. Secret rooms can be customizable depending on your preferences. To get your creativity flowing, here are some themed secret room ideas for you to explore!

Want Your Own Quiet Space?

Want Your Own Quiet Space?

Hidden In: The Back of a Bookcase

Are you looking for a place in your home where you can focus and work in peace? Create your own secret space hidden behind the back of a bookshelf. Install a secret book that will act as the key between the outside world and your own private area. Furnish the room with pieces that cater to your interests.

You could also create a literal quiet space by building and soundproofing your own music room. This is ideal for the more musically inclined as it offers them a space to practice their skills. Fill the room with a number of instruments, mixers, dedicated sound systems, and even your own drum set!

Quirky Game Room For The Kids

Quirky Game Room For The Kids

Hidden In: a spot underneath the stairs

Give your children their own special place to play around in. Create a game room that can only be accessed through a secret spot underneath your staircase. If you have children who are still quite young and inquisitive, you can design the room with their favorite cartoons on the walls. Make a “toy box” where they can keep their favorite dolls, action figures, and fire trucks. You could even create a pit where your children can make their own Lego creations.

If your children are approaching their adolescent years, you could build a game room that would cater to their maturing interests. Install a television set that can be plugged into a number of gaming consoles. Or if they are into online games, install a computer with a working headset and quick internet connection. You could design the room to fit the look of an arcade, with bright neon colors lining the walls.

Movie Themed Private Cinema

Hidden In: the basement

Have your very own private cinema right underneath your luxury home. Deluxe homes for sale usually have large basements. Install a secret passageway that leads down to a fully equipped theater. Invest in a high-quality projector, surround sound system, and reclining armchairs for the complete experience. Keep a closet full of your favorite films or install a streaming media player for easy access to the most recent blockbusters.

Throw in a popcorn maker with different powdered flavors so you can have something to snack on while relaxing and watching your favorite film. You could also install a soda machine that dispenses a number of soda flavors. Or you could place a cabinet in the cinema where you could keep the stock of your children’s favorite candy.

Your Own Personal Speakeasy

Your Own Personal Speakeasy

Hidden In: a garden or a decorated wall

Are you interested in creating a wine cellar in your luxury home? Consider installing a secret one underneath your garden. Deluxe homes for sale usually come with vast garden spaces. Install a secret compartment that can lead down to a wine cellar. An underground wine cellar is perfect for keeping your wine fresh as the drink is better stored in an area that is dark and chilled.

If you want your own personal speakeasy in your home, you could hide a fully-stocked bar behind a decorated wall. Place a small handle that can be pulled to reveal your hidden liquor collection. Make sure to stock your secret bar well with different kinds of glasses, measuring devices, garnishes, and spirits.

Hidden Luxury Closet

Hidden Luxury Closet

Hidden In: The Back of a Mirror

Hidden luxury closets can be used to store clothing that you’ve purchased from high-end brands. You could install different pieces of furniture such as closets for your clothes or drawers for your collection of luxury watches. Hidden closets are also popular for shoe collectors who want to keep their collection in a clean place. You can install a hidden closet in your bedroom itself behind a full-length mirror.

If you already have a large closet space, you can renovate a hidden room to store other collections such as bags and jewelry. These collections require the utmost conditions to preserve its quality. They need to be stored in a secure area that is not exposed to extreme temperatures.

Key Takeaway

Ensure that your luxury home in the Philippines is one of a kind with a themed secret room. Choose one of the ideas in this list or cater it to your own preferences. Any room hidden in plain sight will surely add an aura of mystery to your luxury home.


What are some home improvement and remodeling ideas for your luxury home?

  1. Bathroom upgrade
  2. Kitchen make-over
  3. Sunroof in the bedroom
  4. Living room conversation pit
  5. Home theater

Luxury homes in the Philippines come in various styles, from the contemporary zen design to the old Gregorian style. Even then, houses like these still need some renovation and remodeling once in a while. There’s always room for adjustments; no house is perfect, even the most luxurious. The reason why most people living in luxury homes remodel parts of their house is to keep things exciting and new. It’s always good to mix things up now and then.

Bathroom Upgrade

There’s no other place in your house that you probably use more than the bathroom. Having a beautiful bathroom induces a pleasant overall vibe. It’s always critical that the bathrooms look clean or else it gives off a repulsive aura. This is why we suggest that this part of your luxury home is remodeled. You can do this by having a jacuzzi installed, changing the lighting, or replacing the tiles. Reworking the theme of your bathroom can change your whole living experience. If you want maximum relaxation in the bathroom, remodel it in a way that will go well with the overall theme of your home. Of all the areas in your luxury home, the bathroom should be the most serene.

Kitchen Make-over

One of the most functional rooms in your home that makes a lot of difference when remodeled is the kitchen. Making an elegant kitchen can encourage you to cook and make the most out of all your appliances. There are many things you can add to make your kitchen more luxurious. One such thing that can make a huge difference for your kitchen is a large kitchen island. It fills in the empty space in the middle of your kitchen with a functional yet aesthetically pleasing feature. Matching the style of the kitchen island with the accents of the countertops and cabinets will highlight the grandeur style of your kitchen. You can also swap out your kitchen appliances with stainless steel ones. The metallic look of these appliances is timeless and it goes well with any design.

Bedroom Sunroof

It’s very daunting to make changes to your bedroom. More so if you think that there’s nothing you want to remodel or it seems perfect from the start. Bedrooms in deluxe homes for sale usually already look perfect. It seems as if there’s no work that needs to be done. What about adding a sunroof in your bedroom? You can watch the stars at night, and during the day, you can enjoy natural light and a canopy of clouds through your ceiling. The roof will be mechanized and with a flip of a switch, you can open and close your bedroom sunroof!

Multi-purpose Living Room

A living area is a communal place where you, your family, and your guests will spend most of your time. This place should feel like home for everyone — homeowner and visitor alike. This is a place where everyone can share stories, enjoy drinks, and host gatherings. Therefore, make sure that this room has a lot of space in the center. You can have a conversation pit somewhere around the corner of your living room for those who want to sit down and relax whilst enjoying pleasant conversations with their peers. Luxury homes have living areas with huge spaces so make the most out of it. Install a bar, a space with entertainment appliances and gadgets, a conversation area, sound systems, and even a pool table. This area should be well lit, but not too bright. The living room should be a multi-purpose room; it shouldn’t be just a dull open area. Lastly, it must be fun and convenient for you and your guests!

Home Theater

If you don’t already have a home theater in your luxury home, we suggest that you have one made. Though most deluxe houses for sale come with home theaters, you can still opt to build one that is most suited to your tastes.

With a home theater setup, you can enjoy the experience of theaters and movie houses at your own leisure with your family and friends. This could also be a great place to bond with family members and friends. Have some theater seats installed, a projector mounted on the ceiling and a whiteboard to screen your films. Home will definitely be the place to be if you have your own theater at home.

Key Takeaway

Luxury homes in the Philippines and other places around the world should not always feel big and empty. Remodeling and renovating areas of your house for functionality or simply to add accents is the best way to make the most out of your luxury home. These are but a few remodeling ideas for you to improve your home. At the end of the day, where you end up still depends on you. Personalize your home to your taste and enjoy your extravagant abode.