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How to use the darkest shade in a way that’s chic and eye-catching?

Shading your walls in black may note be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re considering colours. But black has a daring all its own that can bring character and chicness to your space.

“The result is both unexpected and incredibly sophisticated,” says Andrea Magno, a Benjamin Moore color and design expert.

“Black has an interesting effect on the walls of a room because the corners and shadows are obscured more than if a midtone or pastel color is used,” Magno says. “This can be used as a visual trick to give the space a less-defined appearance and can make a room feel a bit more expansive.”

Black walls can also bring coziness. “Dark walls coupled with dramatic lighting create an instant air of luxury and sumptuousness,” says Karen Howes, CEO and founder of London-based interior-design firm Taylor Howes.

Choosing the Right Room

It’s important to consider the function of the room and also the time of day that you spend the most time there, Howes says. Great candidates for black walls include rooms used primarily as evening spaces or those that aren’t reliant on task lighting, such as home cinemas and dining rooms, she says.

In a media room, black walls help absorb the light and won’t distract from the room’s main function, Howes says. “We also find using darker tones in dining rooms helps create a luxurious feel in the evening when our clients are entertaining,” she says.

“Often the rooms that are most successful have a balance between light and dark—where black walls are paired with a light floor color or furniture done in neutrals and whites,” Magno adds.

A black accent wall n a bedroom

Accent Versus All Four Walls

“Black can be a superb choice, as it allows you to play with contrasts,” “For example, if the rest of the room is done in pale or pastel palettes, painting a wall black can add drama and create atmosphere.”

Nicolas Adnet of Studio MHNA, an architecture and design firm in Paris.

A single black wall can also give character and structure to a space and be used to highlight furniture or a collection of art, Adnet notes.

If used as an accent, Magno says, it’s important that it creates a focal point and architecturally makes sense in the room. For instance, accent walls work well when a room has a wall with a fireplace or millwork, or when there is an alcove or other feature worthy of attention, she says

Adding Dimension

Black walls can handle patterned accessories or upholstery. “The black will tend to recede, causing the pattern to advance or be more eye-catching,” Magno says. Repeating black in patterns also helps tie the look of the room together.

“For instance, many materials used for countertops—whether marble, granite, or quartz—have black running through them and can instantly create a visual connection between the walls and other features in the room,” Magno says.

A nearly all-black bedroom designed by Studio MHNA

Perfect Finish

The finish you choose for the paint can have different effects on the space. A matte black has a soft quality, while a high gloss will add reflection and drama.

“Using a semigloss or high-gloss finish works well in dark spaces, as it helps to bounce the light around,” Howes says. “We tend to combine different finishes in one space to get a nice balance.”

Using Trims Well

Often rooms with walls painted black have white or off-white trim for a clean look, Magno notes. 

Purple furniture pops in this black room by Taylor Howes.

“Black looks great when used in a space with neutral or white wainscoting or cabinetry because the contrast is striking and chic,” she adds.

Andrea Magno

For a sophisticated look, she recommends painting walls and trim or millwork in one black hue, and either usingthe same finish on both surfaces or using a lower sheen on the walls, such as a matte finish and a semigloss or high gloss on the trim.

Article originally appeared from RESIDE® Magazine


What are the top architecture trends of 2019?

  1. Spacious designs
  2. Sustainable architecture
  3. Hidden technology
  4. Solar roof tiles
  5. Flex design
  6. Multi-use spaces

Looking for a one-of-a-kind luxury property for sale in the Philippines? Keep up to date with the current trends taking the world by storm in terms of architecture. The common theme of these trends is that they are focused on technological advancements as well as the incorporation of eco-friendly spaces within homes. Already have your own luxury home? These designs will add an aura of sophistication to your home that will surely pique the interest of any visiting guests.

Interested? Keep reading to learn more about the top architecture trends of 2019 so far.

Spacious Designs

Spacious Designs

The further advancement of minimalism has created new spacious designs that seamlessly integrate different areas in a home. These large spaces create sleek and long lines that enhance the clean look of a structure. In addition to designing the transition of rooms, multi-use arrangements are now being incorporated into a number of households. A large space is separated into different areas and is distinguished using a shift of floor levels or color.

These multi-use areas can greatly contribute to the reduction of electricity use, which decreases your home’s contribution to global warming.

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable architecture incorporates recycled materials and other eco-friendly elements into a home’s architectural style. This can be easily incorporated into industrial-designed homes as its style accentuates materials that make up a home such as bricks, metal, glass, and concrete. With this style, you can help save the Earth while giving your home a unique look. This is a popular architecture trend because more people are trying to combat climate change in their day-to-day lives.

On the other hand, there is an architecture trend that aims to hide technology around a home.

Hidden Technology

Hidden Technology

Hidden technology is being integrated into Smart Houses all over the world. In this style, automated systems are dispersed around the home in order to give it a more futuristic feel. These machines are powered through an app on your digital device or even through voice activation. You could adjust the temperature of your air-conditioning unit with a simple swipe on your device or you could simply ask your Smart Speaker to play your favorite song for you. The point of this trend is to create a more clean and monotonous look to a modern home.

A combination of eco-friendly efforts with advanced technology can be seen in the utilization of solar roof tiles.

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar Roof Tiles

Glass solar panels on luxury homes for sale in the Philippines were the beginning, but solar roof tiles are the future. Designers have been able to create solar roof tiles to better integrate the tech into the roof’s original design. You could choose from solar roof tiles that look like slate or asphalt that can replicate the style’s texture. This is the perfect amalgamation of saving the Earth and making use of advanced technology.

With this design, you will have a variety of options to choose from, just like that of the next trend on the list.

Flex Design

Flex Design

The Flex Design trend is meant to cater to different families all over the world. Not every family wants a formal dining area, just like how not every family needs a guest room. Designers are starting to customize each home depending on the preferences of the homeowners. This could mean setting up a mixed-use room that acts as a guest room and an office, or it could mean removing less-used spaces such as formal dining areas. This design optimizes each area of a home for its owner.

Multi-use spaces are incredibly useful for those who want to use a specific area for multiple reasons. Avail the services of an interior designer to help you create the most efficient style.

Multi-Use Spaces

Multi-Use Spaces

When looking through luxury homes for sale in the Philippines, try not to focus too much on assigning one use to one area. A popular architecture trend this year is Multi-Use Spaces. In order to pull this style off, you would need to strategically segment the space into different areas through the use of rugs, varying ceiling heights, and sunken rooms. You could separate a room into your child’s playroom on one side and their studying desks on the other. Or you could have your dining area and television room in one large space.

These are just a number of top architecture trends in 2019. There will surely be more to come, so watch out for those in order to be ahead of the curve at all times.

Key Takeaway

Take note of these architectural trends as you search for the ideal luxury property for sale in the Philippines. If you already have your own luxury home, then incorporate these trends into spaces around your house in order to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle in a technologically advanced home. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in order to constantly improve your home.

Keep an eye out for even more architectural trends that may be of interest to you.