What To Look For In The Perfect Summer Luxury Home In The Philippines

What should you look for in a summer luxury home in the Philippines?

  1. The perfect location
  2. Multi-purpose rooms
  3. Elegant architecture
  4. Fully-equipped kitchen
  5. Luxury bathroom design
  6. A unique swimming pool

Landing the perfect summer luxury home in the Philippines will need a combination of different factors. Each of these has to be harmonious to truly showcase the image of luxury that you want your house to embody. Read on to learn more about what makes a perfect summer luxury home.

The Perfect Location

The Perfect Location

There are a variety of summer destinations in the Philippines fit for your next luxury home. Do your research on the different luxury houses and lots for sale in the Philippines and find which one best suits your taste.

Palawan is one of the top vacation destinations in the Philippines thanks to its white sand beaches and flourishing ecosystem. Rent a boat and go island hopping with your friends and family for a fun adventure.

Puerto Galera is a UNESCO-protected site known for the diversity of its marine wildlife. It is considered one of the top diving sites in Asia — perfect for an adventurous family getaway. Setting up a summer home here means easy access to the densest population of marine species in the entire world.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Another important factor to check when choosing your summer luxury house is how many rooms the property has. If you have a family with kids, it may be best to opt for a house with more rooms to be able to renovate it into multiple recreational rooms. You can create an arcade for your kids complete with the latest video game consoles.

You could even create your own personal bar hidden behind a secret bookcase. If you are able to find a property with a large basement, you could convert it into your family’s own mini-cinema by furnishing it with high-quality leather reclining chairs and a state-of-the-art home entertainment system.

Elegant Architecture

Elegant Architecture

The architectural design of your home should match the way you furnished the interior. If you want a sleek and clean looking house made of a combination of different materials, try to go for a more Mid-Century Modern style of architecture. If you want a combination of vintage and opulence made from exotic materials, then go for an Art Deco style.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

What should a kitchen in a luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines contain?

A Stove And Oven

A combination of a stove and an oven is extremely important when making big batches of food for your summer party. You can work on the red wine reduction while simultaneously cooking the prime rib in the oven. You could also bake different kinds of treats and pastries with a good oven.

A Large Sink

The sink is an important but often overlooked part of any kitchen. A large sink is important for cleaning up after your family or your guests after a gathering. Make sure that the water running is also clean to prevent contaminating your cutlery with any unwanted bacteria.

A Sturdy Tabletop

The durability of tabletops is directly linked to the material it’s made of. It is extremely important to ensure that your tabletop can handle high temperatures as well as incredibly heavy loads. Try looking at stone tabletops such as those made of marble.

An outdoor grill is also a good investment for your luxury home, especially during the summer. Place it by the poolside to make steaks and burgers for your friends and family. You could also buy some fresh seafood from the market and grill it to infuse a smoky flavor.

Luxury Bathroom Design

Luxury Bathroom Design

Your own personal bathroom should be the epitome of luxury and style. You should feel comfortable in this space, so it is crucial to get its design and furnishing right. Try a combination of a rain shower and a bathtub, an elegant transition that will help you elevate your bathroom. A beachside summer house could also include a bathroom that has easy access to the beach. Try installing a translucent wooden doorway to make your journey to the water easier.

A Unique Swimming Pool

A Unique Swimming Pool

Pools come in a variety of shapes and materials. It is important to choose a property with a pool that caters to your interests. Do your research on pool styles and materials that you think would fit your vision of an ideal summer home. You can use a combination of sand, concrete, and water to create a long-lasting and flexible pool of any shape. If you want to create your pool in a shorter amount of time, order a fiberglass pool. It comes in ready-made shapes, all you need to do is choose a design that you enjoy.

Key Takeaway

There are multiple kinds of available luxury homes in the Philippines. Each property has factors that are incredibly unique to it. To ensure the perfect summer luxury home for you and your family, look into these different factors to find the perfect property for you.

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