Movies You Need to Watch Before Decorating Your Home

What are some movies you need to watch for inspiration before decorating your home?

  1. Call Me By Your Name
  2. Darkest Hour
  3. The Great Gatsby
  4. Amelie

Movies may be the last thing in your mind when you are thinking of inspiration for decorating your high-end home in the Philippines.

Yet, it makes sense because films have set designs which often involves artistically furnished rooms meant to add to the story’s environment. Additionally, they speak of a certain time period or even the personality of the character. Lastly, these places were planned by talented designers you can learn from as well.

Thus, before you decorate your home, these are the movies you need to watch.

Call Me By Your Name

Call Me By Your Name is a romantic drama set in Italy during the summer of 1983. In the film, the characters spend most of their scenes in a villa belonging to the parents of Eliot. This home is a gorgeous place with a 17 century based architectural design.

Since the home’s has a rich heritage, it only makes sense that the interior is furnished with a lot of antique items. For instance, the living room makes use of a vintage sofa, drapery textiles, old maps, and a chandelier. Additionally, the house makes used a lot of warm tones and wooden pieces.

The set design of the villa can make a good design inspiration for your new home if you are quite the historical buff yourself. You can copy the look of Eliot’s family home by checking out retailers who specialize in selling antique furniture.

Darkest Hour

The set design aesthetic of this movie sees the production team borrow heavily from the traditional British style.

Britons tend to go for minimalism in their households, but they put a spin to the vibe by incorporating metal pieces and marble furnishings to serve as focal points. They also choose not to sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty.

In the movie, you will see a lot of dark-colored furniture and mahogany pieces at Buckingham Palace where Winston Churchill spends most of his screen time. Since the main character is constantly plotting and scheming in secret for his country, it would make sense for the palace to look as unassuming and practical as possible.

Darkest Hour can be the source of inspiration for decorating your high-end home in the Philippines if you want your property to look as clean and functional as possible. Covering your rooms in dark colors and using metal and marble accents will give your house a sense of stability overall.

The Great Gatsby

The 1920s not only brought new forms of dance, clothing, and music, but also interior design. Since the Great Gatsby is set in this era, the directors never chose to shy away from showing the glitz and glamor which ruled the way many of this film’s characters lived.

Jay Gatsby, the main character’s neighbor, especially exemplifies the luxury of the 1920s. Due to being a millionaire, Jay has turned his mansion into a place of lavish entertainment; he has made sure that his property showcased luxury. In this film, you will be treated to shots of show-stopping gold pieces, art decorations, and shimmering metallic pieces of furniture. Interestingly, in contrast to all this extravagance, he chooses to go with muted colors for balance.

The Great Gatsby is a great film to replicate, in terms of decorating because its style can easily make your luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines look more lavish than it already is. You can make your home more ‘Gatsby-styled”, by adding little touches of glimmer to every area in your home. Use glass coffee tables with metallic sides. Get a golden centerpiece for your dining room and buy furniture with a silky texture.


Most likely due to the eccentric and loving nature of its main character, Amelie, the film’s set design is filled to the brim with warm colors. You will see a lot of reds in the background and room pieces, while warm yellows make the main character pop out. Amelie’s uniquely-styled bedroom is especially filled with these colors.

In her room, you will see red rugs, orange-red walls, cool-colored lighting, and quirky furnishing. Since Amelie is quite different from her peers, it would make sense for her to like animal portraits. Additionally, she goes for eclectic furniture with unique flower patterns.

To emulate the style of this film, you can stick to her color scheme of warm reds. But, it is up to you how you want to use this tone such as buying furniture or wallpaper of this shade. Additionally, you can make use of all your favorite art pieces as long as it speaks of your personality. By following all of these tips, any luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines will become a lively and personal place to be in.

Key Takeaway

Because visuals play a big role in films, set designs are a good source to base your ideal style of house decorating. All of these movies have environments that were artistically directed to evoke different emotions in the movie. By watching these movies, you may be inspired by how you would like to decorate your home in a way that suits you!

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