6 Important Rooms in High-End Homes in the Philippines

What are the most important rooms in high-end homes in the Philippines?

  1. Living Room
  2. Dining Hall and Kitchen
  3. Master’s Bedroom
  4. Outdoors
  5. Leisure Room

A very important question every luxury home owner should ask is: what are the amenities that make high-end homes in the Philippines extravagant? Traditionally, luxury home owners focus on having larger spaces and having lots of furniture. Nowadays, modern luxury home owners want something they can be proud of in their home. This means that they will be needing a lot of money to spend on equipment, furniture, and appliances in each room.

The upscale buyer’s tastes and expectations are constantly changing as houses and apartments grow larger. They want to incorporate more furniture in larger room areas, but what they should actually focus on is the interior. Don’t know where to begin with? Here are the important rooms every luxury end homes should have.

Living Room

The living room is one of the first room luxury buyers look for in luxury houses for sale in the Philippines. It should feel as if you’re making a grand entrance. In addition, it’s much better if the living room is near to the outdoors so you can look at beautiful views all while staying indoors.

Give your living room space a wow factor by hanging pieces of art on its walls. Also, lighting, one of the most important concepts in a space that people usually forget about, adds depth to a room. True to its name, the living room should definitely feel lively because it’s where the family gathers together.

Dining Hall and Kitchen

For home buyers, the kitchen is about entertaining guests with visual grandness. Many people consider the kitchen and dining room as the heart of the home. It’s important to use durable and high-quality materials like marble, quartz, and granite for a luxurious feel.

The look and feel inside your luxury home’s kitchen should be like that of an expensive restaurant. The dining hall must be complete with the best silverware and the finest China dinnerware for your family and guests. The kitchen should come with exquisite kitchenware ovens, stove and a wine cellar if you fancy.

It should have every expensive kitchen gadget and appliance you can think of. In other words, both the dining and kitchen area should spell culinary haven worthy of a three-Michelin-star restaurant.

Master Bedroom

You want a bedroom that is fit for a king and a queen. While it is the most overlooked room because only you can see it, add specific elements of a master bedroom by including a variety of color, design and the theme should match your personality.

Every bedroom should also have a walk-in closet, lights that set the mood of the room and big mirrors. A big part of the room should showcase their suit, dress, and shoe collection to model their outfits. Your bedroom space deserves all the best attention and decoration.


Regardless of its design, a bathroom can create the illusion of space by being minimalist. It should have strategic features that evoke the feel of a luxurious spa. Build a well-ventilated bathroom with an elegant bathtub and a multiple shower system complete with heating rooms and towel warmers.

A lot of times, accessories are the ones that give space its character. An example is adding a bathroom rug that has a soft and pleasant texture, while a big mirror wall and decorative stones add as key accents to a chic bathroom.


While this is not a room, outdoor spaces are really important for home buyers because a luxury home is all about the views. A high-end home that deserves to show off should have a functional and beautiful backyard overlooking a great view so you can enjoy the warm weather. Also, it should have a zen garden with exquisite landscapes, an expensive swimming pool with water features like waterfalls and plenty of privacy is a must.

Leisure Room

Luxury home buyers want a space that allows them to lounge with family and friends – somewhere they can enjoy the latest hit blockbuster without having to sacrifice the experience of the big screen. This is the main goal of the in-house movie theater.

Its most impressive features should offer reclining seats, mood lighting and up to date video and sound systems. When the movie ends and it’s time to look for other things, many luxury homeowners feature their own entertainment room with a bar area, game rooms and more. Its main purpose should make the homeowner never have to leave the house just to have fun.

Key Takeaway

In the world of high-end homes in the Philippines, every amenity must be over the top that it rivals the most luxurious five-star hotels and restaurants. Luxury homes are all about living a grand lifestyle. Homeowners must step up to take their luxury rooms to the next level. It is an investment that you will surely be proud to have your own luxury space that you worked hard for.

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