Ideas for Luxury Living Spaces in High End Homes in the Philippines

What great ideas for luxury living spaces can you incorporate into your home?

  1. Use marble decor
  2. Put-up mirrors
  3. Display artwork
  4. Incorporate more plants
  5. Spruce up the entryway
  6. Add more bedding layers
  7. Choose neutral colors
  8. Adjust lighting

Some high-end homes in the Philippines when you first buy them, won’t always look like a place of luxury. In fact, all you might get is mostly bare; wide garden spaces, unfurnished kitchens, and empty rooms. These spaces may be huge, but they rarely feel like home.

If you have just recently a bought a high-end home which seems too plain, then these are the different ways you can do to make the living spaces more luxurious.

Use Marble Décor

Marble is practically a staple when it comes to high-end homes in the Philippines. This stone is prized by interior designers and homeowners alike for its glossy shine intricate patterns. These characteristics make them look more desirable than other common building materials. Additionally, you can choose from different colors including black, white, and beige.

In your home, the best marble decorations are those that are paired with warm tones such as gold since they naturally harmonize due to their contrasting tones. Additionally, you should just stick to statement pieces such as furniture for marble can easily look very heavy-handed.

Put Up Mirrors

Mirrors can make any living space larger by reflecting natural light. When it comes to this decoration, there are different ways of adding it to your luxury house:

  • Put up a vertical mirror in your bathroom vanity.
  • Put up a horizontal mirror in your bedroom as a functional decoration.
  • Put up a wall-sized mirror at the end of a hallway.

Display Artwork

Not every homeowner can afford to spend money on beautiful artwork. Thus, displaying stunning works of art in your living space can bring an extra “oomph” factor to your luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines. Additionally, it shows your love for adventure, great taste, and a sense of individuality.

When it comes to picking the right art pieces, these are tips to consider:

  • Have money on hand for the framing of the piece itself.
  • It should not match your decorations.
  • Do not go with a particular piece just because it has a certain artist’s name.
  • Buy from a credible dealer.
  • Choose according to your interests.

Incorporate More Plants

Incorporating plants and other greenery adds luxury by making your living space more relaxing and peaceful to stay in. After all, there is no feeling more magnificent than tranquility. You will surely sleep great every night surrounded by natural foliage.

Not only do they add stability to the structure of your land, they also bring in some vibrancy and health benefits. Plants can purify the air in your home by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorbing harmful, volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde.

A few great plants to bring indoors that are easy to maintain include:

  • Bonsai Tree
  • Pothos
  • Iron Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Cactus
  • Weeping Fig

Spruce up the Entryway

Whenever you check in at expensive hotels, the first thing you’ll notice is the beautifully decorated reception area near the main entryway. Hotels do this because it shows the guests that they are serious about displaying luxury.

Therefore, take time to spruce up the entryway of your luxury home. This way, your guests automatically know how luxurious your living space is as soon as they enter.

To create one, you can add some or all of these pieces:

  • Statement centerpiece
  • Colorful table cover
  • Lamp
  • Medium-sized mirror

Add More Bedding Layers

When it comes to the master bedroom, guest bedrooms, and other bedrooms, you can automatically make it look grander by adding more bedding layers. By doing this, you can give off a cozy feeling while still exuding luxury.

For this specific idea, you can follow the triple sheeting trick where you put a comforter between two starched sheets. By doing this, you are adding a feel of crispiness to the bed; just make sure the sheets are high-quality.

Choose Neutral Colors

When you are decorating a high-end home in the Philippines, you want accessories, blankets, and other pieces to look deluxe, but not too pompous. An easy way to avoid an overbearing-looking design to use more neutral colors.

Neutral shades can make you feel more at home. They are pleasing to the eye and show maturity and elegance. To keep the colors from looking too dull, choose decorations that are made with good materials. Consider interesting textures, rich fabrics, and sophisticated stones.

Adjust Lighting

Good lighting can give any luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines a comforting glow. To add more of it into your house, you can go to ways; natural lighting and artificial.

To let more of the sun’s rays into your living space, place a huge mirror in front of the windows. This piece will reflect the sunlight back to the whole room. When it comes to artificial illumination, the most elegant looking source is still a ceiling chandelier.

Key Takeaway

A high-end home won’t always feel like one right after you buy it. You have to put in the time and effort to plan out how your home is going to look. By applying these ideas to your living space, you can make it more luxurious in no time!

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