Your Basic Guide on Questions and Answers About High-End Homes in the Philippines

High End Homes Philippines

Some people are immediately intimidated when they hear the term “high-end homes” in the Philippines. Well, you can’t blame them because it is easy to be overwhelmed by the class, sophistication, and luxury displayed by these homes. Everyone has their own preferences on what a perfect home should be and high-end homes do a good job of fulfilling many of the standards that determine a quality structure. As a homeowner, you should value comfort, convenience, and the visually appealing characteristics of your home. 

There are a lot of listings that provide cutting-edge descriptions about the same type of homes but you should only trust reliable and efficient real estate firms so you do not end up disappointed in the end. Finding the perfect home for you and your family requires the expertise of knowledgeable and experienced agents to help you take a step closer to your dream home. 

It can be tricky to find the perfect living arrangement for you and your family but if you know the right questions to ask about high-end homes in the Philippines, then you will be rewarded with the answers you need about the best homes in the country, some of which you can even soon call yours. Read more below!

What Makes High-End Homes Luxurious?

A luxurious home can have the qualities and the appeal to present itself as a work of art. No one can contest this because it takes a lot of effort to design and construct a home which ensures that it is created uniquely with all the right features that perfectly categorizes it as a high-end home. 

Although there would be different perceptions on what a quality luxurious home would be like, it helps to have a basic knowledge on what to expect in this type of facility. Keep in mind that a great home needs to have the perfect balance of aesthetics, functionality, and luxury. 

If you are ready to own your dream home soon and are planning on buying a well-designed structure, then you are probably seeking for options on listings or taking tours of prospective locations for your home. If you are looking for a home or planning to do so, then think about the aspects that go into making a home high-end and upscale. Check out some of them here:

  • Location
    Building a luxury home requires having the perfect location to erect it in. The location aspect of high-end homes should always be taken into account because this will make or break your living conditions in the long run.
    This is a consideration that you should take into account even before you start looking at your preferred home style and design. You should always keep in mind that the neighborhood that your house belongs in also contributes to its luxury aspect. If you are attempting to buy a house in a large high-class neighborhood, remember that you are also investing in the security that comes with it. 
    In addition, your beautiful home will be surrounded by other homes that are just as aesthetically pleasing, if not more. Always remember that a luxury home in the Philippines needs to be in an equally luxurious setting; a commonplace aspect in high-end homes in the Philippines. 
  • Amenities
    High-end homes have amenities with the best interests of the homeowners in high regard. Living in a home that you can lavish upon or bask in the functionality of it all improves your living conditions to its maximum extent. The living space can be as extravagant as you want it or if you would want a simpler aspect, then it can be situated in a beautifully remote location. 
    For instance, a luxury home can house large swimming pools or state-of-the-art saunas, a perfect living area, a classy wine cellar, modern game rooms, or even a tennis court in the backyard! Whatever they may be, amenities are one of the contributing factors in making high-end homes luxurious. 
  • Floor Plans
    Rarely will you see a high-end home that is too cramped or restricted in size. Typically, they have a wide entranceway and even an intricately-designed grand staircase. This abundance in space is thanks to the floor plans of these high-end homes.
    Most homebuyers know that this is one of the most important aspects that determine the luxury of a high-end home. This why you should prioritize the total area when buying a luxurious home. 
  • Innovations
    Modern homes for sale in the Philippines tend to be competitive in this aspect because there has been higher demand in the market for technology-driven homes. Smart appliances and devices tend to be suitable criteria in determining if a luxury home is innovative enough. 
    Thanks to the technologies today, control systems can now affect the behavior of drapes, air conditioning systems, awnings, and lights. There are gadgets available today that can be used in tandem with smartphone apps. You can even use features in your home to control the music in specific areas. 
    The innovative aspect of luxury homes can be especially useful in controlling security systems. What’s fascinating about this is that you can use it to monitor your home from across the world so you can keep watch on your home even when you are not there.
  • Modern Kitchens
    This area in homes tends to be subject to meticulous standards because this is a part of your house where you have to be the most hygienic. Thankfully, high-end-home designers recognize this because the presence of kitchens in most of the houses available in the market are designed to stand out as a unique and attractive space.
    Large countertops, top-of-the-line appliances, sleek fittings, and refined finishes – you would have a difficult time differentiating the kitchen of a luxury home from the kitchen of a five-star restaurant. Just by looking at appliances that can rival those of the said restaurants, modern kitchens in high-end homes in the Philippines can even have large storage drawers, beautiful design of cupboards, and even walk-in pantries – all perks of having a modern home. Preparing a meal has never been more luxurious!
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions
    It seems like luxury homes are not just equipped with the latest technologies, but with sustainable solutions as well. You will find that a lot of homes have been adopting the characteristics of an energy-efficient and eco-friendly living space. 
    Solar power is amongst the most popular of renewable energy sources that are being incorporated into luxury homes. This energy source is used in replacement of generating power from the grid. There are even homes equipped with solar pavers and walkway lights, LED bulbs for the outdoor spaces, eco-friendly insulation materials, and many more. 
    Being eco-friendly is quickly becoming a way to determine if a home is as high-end as it is described to be. 
  • Theater and Game Rooms
    Places of recreation are key to having a fun home. Luxury homes fulfill this requirement by having entertaining game rooms. There are even homeowners who have stepped up their game by adding their very own versions of sports bars in their houses. 
    In addition to this, you can also take it up a notch by designating a room for music or just for pure gaming purposes. Home theater rooms are the best since it can also give you a chance to bond with your family and friends over a shared love of films in the comfort of your very own high-end home in the Philippines. 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing and Highly Functional Spaces
    More and more modern houses focus on finding the perfect blend of beauty and functionality to integrate into a maximized living space. Luxury homes display this balance in key areas in the house. 
    For example, bathrooms can be installed with head-to-toe shower jets, radiant-heat flooring, towel dryers, and large bathtubs with remote controlled curtains in windows, high tech windows, automated lighting and expansive storage spaces for your wardrobe. 

4 Must-Have Features for Today’s High-End Homes in the Philippines

The demand for beautiful and functional modern homes is steadily increasing and you, as a buyer, should have a keen eye for high-end homes that possess these qualities. Getting the home of your dreams is pretty much the same as winning a competition with your perfect home serving as the prize. 

Lavish living spaces with classic pieces or homes filled to the brim of smart devices, the choice is ultimately yours. This will be your guide in knowing the top features that buyers are looking for in high-end homes in the Philippines. See if your prospective homes are equipped with these too!

Spa-Worthy Bathrooms

Achieving zen and relaxation in a spa-worthy bathroom will surely melt all your stress away. Avoiding the hectic challenges in everyday life will all be made possible in this space in your modern home. Having everything you need in a great bathroom will be a relaxing escape in life. 

A spa-worthy bathroom can be equally as beautiful as those in a professional establishment. It comes with features such as a walk-in shower, a steam room, a soaking tub, and heated floors. You can even go the extra mile by installing skylights or windows that face a great view which is sure to wow your guests. 

Sophisticated In-Home Amenities

You will find that a great home can provide you with the amenities that you are seeking for outside such as gyms libraries, theaters, and even gaming rooms. This will allow homeowners to engage in their favorite hobbies without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

This also spells out convenience to the fullest extent since you won’t need to register for memberships to fulfill your goals in these areas or to travel a distance to get your much-needed recreational fix. 

Fascinating Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces boast a huge expanse of space that can border on extravagant or homey. Whether your backyard is home to a great swimming pool, a beautiful maze, a seating area with a fire pit, or even all three, the importance of a well-integrated outdoor space cannot be amiss. 

You may think that luxury homes’ beauty ends in their amenities indoors but you can extend it to outdoor living areas where you can incorporate your favorite pieces into. 

State-of-the-Art Security Systems

Consider having a smart protection system for your family because this can spell the difference between life and death. This is required for your peace of mind because you have a way to monitor the activities in your home and be on the lookout for suspicious threats. 

Having indoor and outdoor security cameras is important since this also contributes to the convenience and comfort of everybody living in the house. In the long-run, you should also invest in these technologies because safety and security will go a long way in maintaining a well-built home. 

How to Know If You’ve Found the Perfect High-End Home in the Philippines?

Now that you know what makes luxury homes worthy of that title, you should start thinking of becoming an owner of a perfect high-end home in the Philippines. 

More than its aesthetic appeal and the features that will vastly improve home living, it is all about how you will know for sure that you have found the perfect house. Keep these things in mind when you are faced with making a final decision when buying a luxury home:

You Cannot Wait to Go Inside

It is called “home” for a reason. There will be that immense feeling of comfort when you walk into the property. The excitement to explore the rooms and to imagine your future in that space, that is when you know for sure that you have found the one. If your instinct is telling you that this is what a home should feel like, then chances are, it is. 

You Call It Your Home Instantly

Some home buyers have the tendency to become possessive about a home at first sight and this is one of the few indicators that they have found the home of their dreams. However, you should know that there is a huge difference between being smitten and choosing the right one. Assess the foundation of the home and work with its greatest advantages so you will have a solid claim on what makes it a perfect fit for you. Envision a future with the home that you desire and you will get it. 

Keeping Up with High-End Homes in the Philippines with List Sotheby

There is a myriad of considerations when you are looking into buying a home and investing in it for a long time. Establishing a partnership with List Sotheby will melt away all your worries about finding the perfect high-end homes in the Philippines for you. Our team can help you meet your match in the various listings that we offer and we can assure you that they are more than just luxury, it is a significant investment. 

Since our establishment in September 2016, we have been committed to bringing well-designed properties to smart and passionate buyers. We make sure that we deliver our utmost devotion in providing invaluable local knowledge and international scale services all while offering our clients exceptional expertise by having a keen eye on details and being positive about their needs. If you are looking into a property investment, we can help you find the best one yet with the proper adjustments according to your preferences in a property. 

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