How To Make Your Home’s Atmosphere More Relaxing

What are the different ways to have a relaxing atmosphere at home?

  1. Keep the house clean and organized
  2. Create a space where you can meditate
  3. Invite positive energy with music and aromatherapy
  4. Do activities that don’t involve gadgets

The home is a haven to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. It’s supposed to be a place of retreat where you can feel renewed and refreshed from the stress, the workload, or the adventures you go through each day. In the Philippines, a luxury home will mean nothing if you still can’t find peace and relaxation.

Look around the place you call home and assess whether it really is a place of relief and freedom. You may find safety within the walls of your house, but does it bring serenity? Here are different ways to invite a more relaxing atmosphere in your home:

Keep the house clean and organized

One of the most stressful feelings is living in a house that’s full chaos. You may not notice it, but when you come home from a long day’s work, you tend to scatter stuff here and there. You’re tired. You just want to lay down and promise yourself you’ll deal with the mess tomorrow.

This mess builds up. Items will be misplaced and things will be difficult to find if they are buried in a pile of books or clothing, for example. Find the time (at least 15 minutes) every night to declutter, and avoid heaps of trash. Let go of unnecessary belongings that will only be distractions if they remain unused. Clear one room at a time to avoid exhaustion of the body. Finally, if there are distracting pests and a clammy odor, seek out its source and clean it immediately.

Create a space where you can meditate

Whether you entertain the idea of feng shui or you simply want to find inner peace (especially if you are living with other people), a meditation space is one of the most powerful and effective ways to achieve a relaxing atmosphere within the house. This is a reminder that you are seeking for silence and reflection. Think of it as your personal recollection area.

To create a meditation space is as simple as finding what relaxes you and makes you calm. It could be a reading nook surrounded by reading materials and the sound of pages being turned. Or perhaps a garden where you can be one with nature would suit you, especially if you grow a variety of plants. Better yet, have one corner of a room which could serve as a thinking spot. Consider decorating your meditation space with paintings, images, scented candles, or pillows. Basically, decorate with anything that helps you center your attention. Treat this as your sacred area.

Invite positive energy with music and aromatherapy

Nothing speaks of positive vibes more than your favorite calming music filling the house. It takes away the gloom and the dullness of the area whether you’re busy decluttering or simply resting. Ever wonder why your parents (or grandparents) turn on the radio every morning before the day starts? It’s because good music to kick start the day posits for a good mood as you sing along or even dance to an upbeat tune for a bit of your morning exercise. You’re not just limited to music either. Nature sounds are also a great way to invoke a serene aura and helps you to focus.

The power of smell is an effective part of a more relaxing atmosphere. Even when it seems like you’ve done enough organizing in the house to free enough space, there may still be a musty smell hanging in the air. Rid of the uncomfortable feeling with aromatherapy. Relieve sweet memories and enjoy the peace of mind. Besides, this ancient practice of tapping the sense of smell also brings health benefits by lowering stress, cutting off anxiety, helping relieve physical discomfort. For example, Sandalwood (a rich, woody, earthy scent) aids in reducing wakefulness and increasing amounts of non-REM sleep while Vanilla reduces hyperactivity and/or restlessness, and lowers depression.

Do activities that don’t involve gadgets

It may be a cliché quote, but “pretend it’s the 1800s” when there were no such things as Wi-Fi or smartphones. Move beyond just another movie marathon or endless rounds of gaming by strolling through parks and nature preserves, reading a book, or cooking a meal. Enroll in extracurricular classes and workshops so you can look forward to something every day. Shop for board games to bond with the rest of the family. Make time for your pet who always tries to gain your attention.

Key Takeaway

Here in the Philippines, a luxury home for sale will almost always be the perfect house to score. But any home, no matter how elegant it gets, can still lack peacefulness if you do not make an effort to ensure the atmosphere is composed. Will they use it only for a place to sleep, or is it something more than just a house? Always bear in mind that what attracts positivity at home depends on the attitude of the people living in it.

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