Home Interior Trends: High-end Kitchens

What different kitchen ideas should you consider for your luxury home?

  1. Hang a crystal chandelier
  2. Paint it all black
  3. Go for marble
  4. Nostalgic rustic
  5. Try a mosaic floor
  6. Modern stainless finish
  7. An ideal aquarium
  8. Win it with wooden

High end homes in the Philippines are viewed as aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully designed structures which reflect the sense of appeal of the people who own them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that beauty can only be observed on the outside. There should be a balance of elegance and composition within the home as well.
Striking the balance here means that extravagance isn’t just focused on bedrooms, lounging areas, or any other area guests may set their foot on. Extravagance should be observed even in areas that don’t see a lot of foot traffic like the kitchen.

Just because the kitchen’s function is reserved for food preparation doesn’t mean interior design should be limited. Rather, it should be as eye-catching and appealing as the rest of the luxurious abode.
Achieving such prestigious views may sound difficult to plan, but here are different high end kitchen interior ideas to help you get started.

Hang a Crystal Chandelier

Hang a Crystal Chandelier

What could be more jaw-dropping than finding a crystal chandelier hanging from your kitchen ceiling? One of the main purposes of a chandelier is to be the center of attention. Having an elegant chandelier installed is a perfect way to give visual focus on the striking characteristics of your kitchen. Not only does it boast grandeur, but it also showcases calmness and a soothing atmosphere — something that only the presence of a chandelier could bring.

Paint it All Black

They say black is one of the gloomiest colors out there. So why would you have your kitchen painted entirely in black? Well, black is actually a sexy color scheme to consider. With black, not only is your kitchen easier to clean, but your furniture easily becomes the center of attention. This is because it is quite easy to pair different colors with a dark backdrop. The most appropriate color to contrast black is white since it creates a distinguishing pattern in your kitchen. It is visually pleasing to see the balance between these two opposite colors. You may even try possessing obsidian or obsidian-colored utensils to perfectly fit the mood.

Go for Marble

Go for Marble

Many high end homes in the Philippines opt for this precious stone material. Marble speaks of a contemporary design matched by delicate features. For the most part, marble is usually a light-colored material that exposes the immensity of rooms upon which it is installed. The stained, vein-like patterns that streak across marble surfaces give pause to a cream-colored hue. This, in turn, produces that crisp and pristine finish.

The Nostalgic Rustic

If you wish to feel the warm welcome and cozy atmosphere upon entering your kitchen, you may want to consider a rustic theme. Rustic themes evoke a nostalgic recall towards the country-style decoration. This style makes use of wooden beams, painted cabinets, cobblestone floors, and/or brick walls. Luxury can sometimes be found in simplicity. The rustic-themed kitchen definitely blends the candor of the countryside and the prominence of a modern luxury home.

Try a Mosaic Floor

Try a Mosaic Floor

The mosaic is an ancient art form; a practice which takes you back to the age of antiquity. The mosaic brings out the artist in you. You have the freedom to choose the various designs you would love to see embedded on your kitchen floor. It is colorful, creative, and is one of the rarer trends in interior designs nowadays. Level up the mosaic floor idea by opting for glass instead of tile material. In addition to the elegance and smoothness, glass also provides the convenience of being easy to clean.

Modern Stainless Steel Finish

Modern Stainless Steel Finish

What better way to express the modernity of your kitchen than with stainless steel? We know that steel is a commonly used material because of its durability and corrosion-resistant capabilities. However, is it all for that purpose alone? Stainless steel brings out the uniformity of your preference. It shows your understanding of convenience vis-à-vis elegance because you can balance the brilliant luster of stainless steel furniture with that of your appliances.

An Ideal Aquarium

If you’re a fan of theme parks that feature ocean life, then you’d probably love to have an aquarium in your kitchen. Aquariums, like indoor plants, give off a unique feel to an area. Aquariums can serve as a tranquil and rather mesmerizing attraction in your kitchen. Viewing the waters and its inhabitants can take away the stress when cooking and it can contribute to your peace of mind.

Win It With Wooden

You should not underestimate the charm that a wooden themed kitchen could offer. Although wooden cabinets, furniture, and utensils are common, you are not bound to simple brown, log patterns alone. Remember, when it comes to wood, you have several combinations to choose from: timber, burnt patterns, pine, and so on and so forth. Wood-styled kitchens take inspiration from nature. It provides a relaxing atmosphere which envelops the kitchen while you cook and dine.

Key Takeaway

A luxurious home does not only showcase its magnificence when viewed from the outside. It doesn’t only satisfy residents, nor their guests when the grandeur of its interior is only limited to one or two rooms. Bear in mind that what makes any home splendid are those which are decorated thoroughly, planned precisely, and executed with delicacy.

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