How To Turn Your High-End Home In The Philippines Into A Jetsetter’s Paradise

How do you turn your high-end home in the Philippines into a jetsetter’s paradise?

  1. What’s your favorite destination?
  2. Research on their architectural styles
  3. Buy the appropriate furniture
  4. Top it off with little trinkets

Do you enjoy traveling around the world and immersing yourself in numerous cultures?

Take those experiences home with you by designing your high-end home in the Philippines around your favorite travel destinations. Build your home based on the architectural styles that line the streets of an international metropolis. Design the interior of your home with authentic pieces of furniture that will encapsulate your chosen theme. And finally, collect artifacts during your trips to create your own personal museum in your own home.

Here is a list of ways to turn your high-end home in the Philippines into a jetsetter’s paradise:

What’s Your Favorite Destination?

What’s Your Favorite Destination?

To start transforming your luxury house and lot for sale into your own jetsetter’s paradise, you must first think about your favorite travel destination. Think about the architectural styles and the kinds of furniture you see all around the area. Take note that a lot of these styles have been influenced by numerous factors that are unique to the area: the climate, natural geography, and the people themselves. Choose a country that has a similar climate as your own to reap similar benefits in terms of aesthetic and practicality.


Spain is similar to the Philippines in terms of weather. Spanish homes are usually made of dirt, stone, and clay. They are painted white in order to reflect the sunlight away from the house. They are paired alongside wide windows to promote the flow of air in and around the home. Tiles are also highly valued and used in different areas of a Spanish home such as the flooring and the rooftop.


The Greeks are known to have an elegant but functional style for homes. Similar to Spain, residents of Greece also painted the majority of their homes white in order to reflect sunlight. Greeks use a combination of blue and white in order to represent both their national flag as well as their deep connection to the sky and sea. Greek homes are also known for their exposed stone walls. For most of the history of Greece, before the invention of air-conditioning units, these architectural styles were made to keep cool air in and hot air out of their homes.

Research On Their Architectural Styles

Research On Their Architectural Styles

The design anchor of your global home dictates the architectural style of the structure itself. This can be a major factor to help your guests feel like they have traveled to a different country as it will be the first thing they see when they visit your home.

While you’re out traveling, take note of how countries have differently laid-out architecture for their homes. Collaborate with professional architects and realtors in order to find the perfect location and the perfect style for your home.


The Indonesian vernacular architectural style is known to combine indigenous culture as well as religion within the country. In terms of the native culture, Rumah Adat is a style for homes that is famous for their large and pointed rooftops called Minang or Toraja. The religious style found in Indonesian homes depends on the discretion of the homeowner. For the entrance of the home, people in Indonesia usually construct a Candi Bentar, which is a gateway split into two symmetrical religious structures.

The Netherlands (Dutch)

The Dutch gambrel roof is a symmetrical two-sided roof that has two slopes: one shallow and the other steep. This style usually found in the Netherlands is called the Dutch Colonial Revival. These kinds of homes usually take up a large space. Make sure you look through multiple properties to find the best luxury house and lot for sale for you.

Buy The Appropriate Furniture

Buy The Appropriate Furniture

The way you design the interior of your home should also reflect the set destination you have chosen as your theme. Look through world-class manufacturers of specialty furniture to find the pieces that would best fit your home. Talk to a professional interior designer in order to plan the color schemes as well as the placement of the furniture that you are interested in.


In the traditional Japanese household, everything has a purpose. Every piece of furniture, every color on the walls, every placement. This is directly correlated to the culture of the Japanese people which values functionality, simplicity, and respect to space and nature. A home in Japan typically has areas one can freely move around in, as they value the concept of negative space or Ma. They only have a few select pieces of furniture that are placed far away from each other.

Old British

Old British style of furniture is used in a number of luxury homes for its elegant and sophisticated look. You can choose from different eras to find the one that you think will best suit the mood that you want to create for your home. You can choose from Neoclassical, Jacobean, and Early Baroque as just a few examples of Old British furniture. Pieces that are of the Old British style are usually a combination of handcrafted wood and brightly colored sewed cloth material.

Top It Off With Little Trinkets

Top It Off With Little Trinkets

To top it all off, put little trinkets around your house such as items that you can only find in certain countries. This could turn your home into your own personal museum. One example is in terms of jewelry such as jade necklaces you can only get in New Zealand. You could also keep a cabinet full of collections that you have acquired all over the world. This could be a collection of bells or even a collection of cups.

Key Takeaway

Turn your high end home in the Philippines into a jetsetter’s paradise. Design the interior and exterior in order to transport your guests into a whole new world once they step inside. The synergy of your chosen theme will depend on a combination of factors that could make or break the experience. Make sure to carefully plan each piece of furniture and design to encapsulate your favorite travel destination.

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