Green Living: Eco-friendly Luxury Homes

How do you maintain an eco-friendly luxury home?

  1. Practice gardening
  2. Remove energy vampires
  3. Segregate and dispose of your waste properly
  4. Install solar panels
  5. Use composting toilets
  6. Make use of natural cleaning products
  7. One-with-nature home designs
  8. Recycle plastic bottles

The present-day world we are living in welcomes technology, innovation, and extravagant designs as a basis for our homes. Whether it’s a luxury home in the Philippines, or anywhere around the globe, the main attraction would either be an elaborately crafted sculpture, perhaps a framed painting which covers an entire wall, or even modern-day devices which is sure to capture the attention of guests.

However, there are those who aim for green living. Many consider mother nature’s gift as an organic art which brings the best out of the luxury home without even trying. How do you achieve an eco-friendly environment while living in high-end homes? Here are some tips on how you may be able to enjoy nature in the comfort of your house.

Practice gardening

Practice gardening

This may be tedious work, especially when you’re just starting out and you barely have any plants or flowers growing to get inspiration running. Still, gardening is a good way to keep an eco-friendly home. It can also take away your stress by keeping you busy with activities that expose you to nature. Once you have gotten used to carefully growing and maintaining your plants, you’ll see that all your efforts will not have gone to waste.

Remove energy vampires

Remove energy vampires

What are energy vampires? These are electricity-consuming devices that, even without using them or even if they are switched off but are still plugged in, continue to make use of electricity. Energy vampires sap so much electricity that you’ll be surprised by just how much it can raise your energy consumption. Avoid wasting unnecessary electricity. The best way to maintain an eco-friendly home is by making sure you switch off all electrical devices and unplug them from their sockets.

Segregate and dispose of your waste properly

Children in schools are being taught about throwing trash not just in the bin, but as to which bin you are throwing your wastes into. Hopefully, you’re still doing this well into your adulthood. Remember which items go into each bin labeled: biodegradable, residuals, recyclables, and dry paper. In this way, not only do you keep your waste in check, but you also do the planet a favor by making it easier to recycle.

Install solar panels

Solar panels have proven their worth as eco-friendly solutions. Today, it is being used in both industrial and home settings. If possible, have your own solar power panels installed. This is a great help towards curbing your energy consumption. Your solar panels harness the power of the sun to convert it into energy which can be used to run your lights and other electrical-powered machines at home. Plus, it’s clean and renewable.

Consider composting toilets

Unlike regular toilets with a flush to drain bodily waste, composting toilets do not really make use of the “flush” system. Instead, it recycles human waste into fertilizers which could benefit agriculture. Although this kind of toilet is used more in suburban areas, it doesn’t hurt to consider how important it proves to be for the environment, and perhaps even your own gardening at home.

Make use of natural cleaning products

Make use of natural cleaning products

Part of maintaining a luxury home in the Philippines is the general cleaning you have to do. If you want to stick to an eco-friendly way of settling things, make use of organic cleaning products. These natural products can be found in your kitchens such as vinegar, citric acid, or citrus fruits. Purifying water is an ideal way of making sure the house is free from dirt and muck at the end of cleaning.

One-with-nature home designs

If you are truly committed to the call of mother nature alongside living in luxury, then you might want to consider a design which blares out a true call to saving the environment. Such home designs include the caterpillar house design with its multitude of ceiling-to-floor windows to let nature flood in, sky garden house design with an architecture connected to a garden, or even a floating house located on a beach with waters surrounding the exterior.

Recycle plastic bottles

Recycle plastic bottles

It’s not that you should completely avoid plastic bottles, because what if it’s the only choice left? Instead, you could re-use plastic bottles as pots for planting flowers, or for do-it-yourself creations. You’ll find that plastics have their uses once creatively produced and that it doesn’t have to be just another waste filling up landfills or ending up in the ocean.

Key Takeaway

Let every day feel like Earth Day with an eco-friendly luxury home. Just because you’re living the prestigious life doesn’t mean you have to ignore the possibilities of green living. Let Mother Nature tap inside you, make itself known, and guide you on how you will be able to manifest nature within the comfort of your luxury home.

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