5 Must-Have Features of a Luxury Property for Sale in the Philippines

What are the must-have features of a luxury property for sale in the Philippines?

  1. Exquisite design
  2. Exclusivity and privacy
  3. Top-notch security systems
  4. Smart technology and devices
  5. Luxurious amenities

The luxury home market has been experiencing significant growth in the past years. More and more people are now looking to purchase a luxury property for sale in the Philippines. If people aren’t already in the process of buying a luxury property, you can guarantee that many of them are at least working for and towards that dream.

The main driving force behind this resurgence is the people’s desire to live in absolute comfort, ease, and convenience, and this is no secret. Every person working in real estate knows what the people want and this eventually led to regular and slightly up-scaled apartments being marketed as “luxury.” The term is being widely overused in the industry to the point that it’s true meaning has started to melt away.

Nowadays, any property that has a multimillion-peso price tag is put under the luxury category. In the end, people are being led to believe that a steep price is synonymous to absolute comfort and convenience, which isn’t always the case. When it comes to a luxury property, you shouldn’t just look at the price, but the features too. We’ve listed what these features are so simply continue reading to find out more!

Exquisite Design

Most regular homes are built with practicality as a priority with beauty as a distant second. This isn’t to say that they’re a sore to look at, only that they usually don’t capture much attention. Luxury properties, on the other hand, prompt you to look twice, thrice, or even more. You may even catch yourself staring in absolute awe, mostly because of the structure’s overall exquisite design.

When we say overall we really mean it! From the architecture to the landscaping, everything exudes extravagance. It isn’t an understatement to say that luxury properties are amazing spectacles to behold and belong in some kind of architectural and design museum because they truly are masterpieces inside and out!

Exclusivity and Privacy

Exclusivity and privacy are similar but slightly different things. The former refers to the area or neighborhood where the property is located while the latter is a specific feature of the estate.

Luxury properties are often located at exclusive neighborhoods or areas that aren’t easily accessible. More often than not, these places can only be reached with the use of private vehicles, which all luxury property owners usually have. Some may think of it as living away from the commonality of the world and residing where everyone and everything is luxurious.

Privacy is achieved through gated driveways and practical landscaping. Its main purpose is to protect the residents from prying eyes. Think of it this way: privacy is there to ensure that you wouldn’t know what’s happening inside the property even if you stood next to it with your ears pressed to the walls.

Top-Notch Security Systems

A luxury property isn’t complete without a top-notch security system. Expect it to have CCTV cameras, state-of-the-art alarms, and sometimes a control room where someone can monitor every single space in the property.

You can find some of these things in regular homes too, but never at the same level. The level of security found in luxury properties are on the same level as commercial buildings – maybe even more. The inclusion of these security systems makes for an impenetrable fortress where people can live in absolute peace and comfort.

Smart Technology and Devices

Nothing is probably more convenient than technology and smart devices, which is why these things are must-haves in a luxury property. It’s no secret that these technological advancements have made our lives significantly easier. Simply put, convenience translates to ultimate luxury.

Every system in a luxury property can be controlled with the push of a button or the sound of your voice. You can even do this even while you’re away from the place with automation systems now being linked to smartphones and tablets, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Most newly-built luxury estates are integrated with green technology, which means they are environment-friendly. Some feed off of solar power or are fitted with water irrigation systems, while others are equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.

Luxurious Amenities

A luxury property isn’t complete with extravagant amenities like personal gyms, swimming pools, entertainment centers, home theaters, showroom garages, and wine cellars. Although it’s possible to find these in single property, they aren’t all necessary to be considered luxurious.

Of course, having these lavish amenities also means that the necessary spaces and rooms come furnished with top-of-the-line fixtures and appliances. Fully-equipped kitchens likened to that of a professional’s, bedrooms fit for royalty, and libraries that can house thousands of publications.

All these are necessities for a luxury property. The only thing that could shock a potential buyer at this point would be if there was a helipad or mini-runway included with the property – now that would be above luxurious!

Key Takeaway

The price tag isn’t what defines luxury, it’s the property’s features that do. So don’t be fooled by multimillion-peso property listings that are being marketed as luxurious. Sellers might just be using the word to attract your attention. If you really want to know, have a peek at it and look for these must-have features of luxury property for sale in the Philippines!

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