Enjoy the warmth of the Philippines with a refreshing dip in the salty blue waters to relax in silence, unwind in the sun and catch some rays.

With our exquisite properties that can give accomodation that you desire, each listing gives you a warm welcome that will surely make you feel at home while basking a view that is out of this world. Explore more of the stunning private beachfront homes that we have in Siargao del Norte to other equally breath-taking properties in Batangas, Bohol and Cebu.

Tropical Paradise Villa - Siargao del Nore

Siargao del Norte - Philippines | List Sotheby's International Realty

This beachfront property, currently has a fully functioning restaurant, bar and villas all build in quality materials, with respect of nature and the surroundings.  Property is a unique investment opportunity with numbers of possibilities. With the possibility to build out and add additional villas to the 10,000 square meter property.

Sophisticated Manor By the Sea - Bohol

Bohol, Central Visayas - Philippines | List Sotheby's International Realty

A French inspired home set on a cliff overlooking the sea offers stunning view panoramic view of all angles. Designed with the tropical climate in mind, it combines luxury and comfort in a magnificent coastal setting. Escaping to this exclusive retreat couldn’t be any easier. Its grandly proportioned, elegantly detailed public spaces include five reception rooms and a pavilion with infinity pool and terrace.

Kuala Beach Resort - Batangas

Nasugbu, Batangas - Philippines | List Sotheby's International Realty

This impressive residential  beach house can be accessed via the entrance of Canyon Cove, a well-known resort development that leads into a very exclusive peninsula, shared by less than ten (10) beach houses. Upon entering the property, be welcomed by a tropical garden paradise set up. It contains a spacious welcome pavilion, where one can view the beauty of the ocean. Overlooking the peaceful waters of Batangas - the property boasts of its colorful manicured landscaping, a pool and a meditation garden. A breezy rooftop terrace designed for appreciation of views that stretch to the coastline.

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Alcoy Beachfront with Fruit Farm - Cebu

Alcoy, Cebu - Central Visayas - Philippines | List Sotheby's International Realty

Located in the Southern part in Alcoy Cebu lies a beach property for sale. It offers two houses complete with in-suite bathrooms. And a guest house overlooking the pristine waters of the ocean. This property provides a relaxing open marbled bathroom with a koi pond which definitely gives a serene experience.

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Mangrove Eco Resort - Cebu

Alcoy, Cebu - Central Visayas - Philippines | List Sotheby's International Realty

Encounter the relaxing scent of  fresh air and admire the view of the pool from the second floor. In addition experience crystal clear blue sea through scuba diving. And be amazed with its rich  mangrove path. Thus, enjoy the amenities within the area. Beachfront Resort Alcoy is located between the coastal road and beautiful mangroves. Property has access to the open sea through the mangroves

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