As many areas will start to reopen by June - most of the people are trying to find ways to get back out to re-start or continue what they have been accustomed to doing. And due to certain limitations, each will be facing fundamental shifts to their way of living.

In creating ways to duplicate a real-life experience, everyone has been doing their part to adapt to the new norm. A series of experimental strategies from the way people do things at home, how everyone has been living differently and how work was conducted transpired.

Working from home is one of the "new norm"

Avenue to Use

In List Sotheby's International Realty Philippines, associates working from home access their listings remotely using regional GLAM system and have been privileged to go through series of webinars through ACCESS to enrich their skillset.

ACCESS is a communication and collaboration platform from Sotheby's International Realty® that offers exciting features, like to name a few - dashboard of listings and leads, featured video content, a buyer registry for connecting all Sotheby's International Realty® to Sotheby's International Realty prospective buyers.

Staying Connected

Thus, finding ways to stay connected while adapting to the new norm is how everyone is moving. Video conferencing options through Zoom or FaceTime have been commonly used so each one can get that "face-to-face" feel without actually being there in person.

Friends having a video call during these times.

Chief Sales Director Joyce Abiera of List Sotheby's International Realty says, " I simply make sure I connect or engage with partners for updates, how they're coping, how they're affected, their family and their business. At the same time, I share the brand videos or marketing materials to them thru Viber or links thru direct text. " She is able to do things with empathy through phone calls and emails

Adapting to the New Norm

People are finding various techniques to make progress and stay positive. As Joyce added: “I believe, residential will remain strong as more people will prioritize their homes as activities and businesses will be closer to home, they will also possibly improve their home environment as it is their workplace at the same time - some companies will continue to work from home with the current situation.”

Brand videos being shared like Tropical Paradise Villa in Siargao Del Norte

In these uncertain times, List Sotheby’s International Realty  have kept the innovative spirit alive, facing challenges head-on and discovering new ways to connect, distribute information, and learn. When this is over, the best of the “new normal” will survive to enrich  lives and work in the future.   

With  experienced real estate professionals, including property specialists and relationship managers, they are committed to understand and anticipate  your  needs, and provide you  with invaluable knowledge and expert advice, all with the goal of giving you the best options and results.