Looking for an escape to paradise? With the Stay-At-Home restrictions still in place for many, now may not be the time to travel, but we’re here to whisk you away on a virtual escape. Explore the Hawaiian Islands with its rich culture, unique neighborhoods, and natural wonders unlike anywhere else in the world. Find your piece of paradise with us today

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O'ahu Meaning: The gathering place

Neigborhood of Waikiki

About Waikiki

Meaning: sprouting water

Waikiki is Metro Oahu’s mecca for tourism, a vastly developed mini city catering to the wants and needs of both visitors and Hawaii residents alike. With sparkling lights, towering skyrises and urban amenities, what may surprise those who are familiar with Waikiki is that the region was actually one of Oahu’s vast swamplands beloved for its suitability to fishing and taro farming. It wasn’t until the construction of the Ala Wai Canal in 1928 and the growing need for housing following World War II that Waikiki emerged as a growing metropolis, where high rises, hotels and storefronts lent to the neighborhood’s new reputation as Oahu’s concrete jungle.

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Neigborhood of Kaneohe

Aerial view Oahu coastline and mountains in Honolulu Hawaii from a helicopter

About Kaneohe

Meaning: bamboo man

Following a leisurely drive to the Windward side of Oahu, there’s no better sight to greet you than the friendly and charming neighborhood of Kaneohe. One of Oahu’s largest communities, Kaneohe once served as a crucial harvesting site for a variety of crops, including taro, breadfruit, sweet potatoes, rice and bananas. Fishponds throughout Kaneohe also made it easy and convenient for ancient Hawaiians to supplement their diets with fish and shellfish. The land was so lush that in fact even the great King Kamehameha made his home here for a period of time. Today, Kaneohe encompasses the larger neighborhoods of Kaaawa and Hauula, and its residents vary from large families to young couples to seniors aging in place—with everyone benefiting from its pristine ocean and mountain views, verdant landscape, and friendly atmosphere.

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Neigborhood of Nu'uanu

About Nu 'uanu

Meaning: cliff

Nestled in the heart of Honolulu and just on the edge of the Pali Highway is a verdant oasis called Nu’uanu. This suburban neighborhood is rich with history, and was once a prized locale covered by taro fields and an intricate series of irrigation channels to water the island’s beloved crop. In the summer seasons, Kamehameha III and his wife Queen Emma could also be found lounging in their Summer Palace, which still stands today. But what the suburb is most widely recognized for is its role in the pivotal 1795 Battle of Nu'uanu, which took place just days after Kamehameha’s troops arrived on Oahu to unify the Hawaiian Islands. The momentous battle occurred on the very edge of the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout, and it was here where Kamehameha I decisively conquered his foes and successfully unified the islands. This memorable account is still relayed today, making living in this historic neighborhood all the more special and unique. 

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Neigborhood of Ko Olina

About Ko Olina

Meaning: place of joy

Translated from Hawaiian as “place of joy,” Ko Olina is a luxurious paradise on Oahu’s west coast. In the days of old Hawaii, Ko Olina served as a retreat for some of Oahu’s most well-known monarchs and royal families, including King Kamehameha, Queen Kaahumanu, and Queen Liliuokalani. It wasn’t until the 1870s, when local businessman James Campbell purchased the land and built a sugar cane plantation, that a new Ko Olina began to take shape. Around a century later, Ko Olina transformed into the beautiful resort community we know today, complete with manicured grounds, luxury hotels and resorts, beautiful lagoons, and a host of big city amenities. 

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