Depending on where you reside in the world, you may be sheltering in place. Reaching 60 days of the “stay at home” restrictions has sparked our day-dreaming of an escape– even if only virtually! Our home is the Hawaiian Islands, and we’re here to invite you to escape to a piece of paradise! Explore Hawaii with its rich culture, unique neighborhoods, and natural wonders unlike anywhere else in the world. Find your piece of paradise with us today. 

List Sotheby’s International Realty represents the perfect marriage of local roots and global reach. Your home is more than just an address, it’s where you create lasting memories. As the leading luxury residential real estate brokerage on Oahu, Hawaii, we take great pride in leveraging our expertise, unparalleled resources, and global connections to perfectly unite extraordinary places with the extraordinary buyer. Whether you are thinking to move to Hawaii or already live in paradise, we are here to help. The options are endless– from the work, live, and play urban luxury lifestyle in Kaka'ako, or the relaxing, island lifestyle of Kailua with pristine white-sand beaches, we can find the perfect home for you. 


O'ahu Meaning: The gathering place

Neigborhood of Kaka'ako

About Kaka'ako

Meaning: comes from its humble roots and has been translated to mean a place to “chop or prepare thatching,” a reference to the local salt marshes where the Hawaiian people once gathered the grass for their roofs

Kaka’ako is a city in flux, and is praised as one of the fastest evolving communities in all of Metro Oahu. With more than 20 new condominiums breaking ground in just a few years’ time, this modernized little city is unrecognizable to past residents. In the times of old Hawaii, Kaka’ako was an expansive agricultural community where many ali’i (Hawaiian royalty), including King Kamehameha I, made their homes. In the mid-19th century, the region evolved into a highly trafficked port site for international ships traveling to Hawaii. Resurgence took place once again a century later, when new zoning laws allowed for the introduction of new buildings, businesses, homes and, eventually, condominiums. Today, this urban mecca is a highly sought-after neighborhood ideal for families with young children, working professionals, and retirees alike. 

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Neigborhood of Kailua

About Kailua

Meaning: two seas, or two currents

Kailua has a prominent place in Hawaii’s history, with some of the island’s earliest settlers believed to have lived around the region’s Kawainui Marsh. These ancient Polynesians truly lived off of the land, subsisting off of crops and fish caught in east Oahu’s resplendent waters. As centuries passed, farming techniques advanced, with the region seeing a growth in sugar, rice, and taro plantations as well as the arrival of a budding cattle farm spearheaded by local businessman James Castle. Today, Kailua Town is one of Oahu’s most popular residential neighborhoods, complete with a rich variety of national retailers, mom-and-pop shops, gourmet eateries and enviable ocean and coastal views. 

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Neigborhood of Diamond Head

About Diamond Head

“Le’ahi” Meaning: point of land and 'ahi [yellowfin tuna]

The beautiful Diamond Head community is home to spectacular landscapes, cool weather and gorgeous ocean views. Just a short drive away from the bustle of Metro Oahu, Diamond Head is where families and retirees enjoy a leisurely, peaceful getaway within the area’s numerous hillside communities. Made up of primarily older, single-family homes and luxury properties, live and breathe the East Oahu lifestyle, a lifestyle that’s relaxed, diverse and inviting. 

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Neigborhood of Hawaii Kai

About Hawaii Kai

Meaning: community by the sea

Hawaii Kai is truly a coastal community, stretching from Maunalua Bay Beach Park and wrapping around Oahu’s southeastern tip to Makapu’u Beach. The first settlers on Hawaii Kai are said to have arrived around 900 AD, living a quiet and unencumbered life of fishing and harvesting. At the heart of Hawaii Kai is the marina, around which fortunate residents can open their doors to dazzling turquoise waters and wide pathways lined with palm trees. Beyond the marina, you’ll find a wealth of residential real estate, varying from larger, multigenerational homes to high-rise apartments to rows of townhomes. While a further drive away from Honolulu than its neighboring east Oahu communities, Hawaii Kai is its own isolated paradise, complete with three shopping centers, acclaimed dining establishments, theatres, medical facilities, a golf course and more.

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