Upon reaching the end of the third year of List Sotheby’s International Realty, Philippines, there were three significant changes that transformed the course of our business journey. 

Appointment of COO

With a mission to expand and grow, the Board of Directors of List Group announced the appointment of Mr. Yuki Tsubomatsu as Chief Operating Officer for our Philippine office. Through his expertise in management and strategy of operations, our company continues to push forward towards success. Having the presence of a committed and competent COO, truly ignites our company’s initiative to further uphold our company values and unparalleled services.

Reconstruction of Website

Then to accomplish the objective and aim of becoming the top of mind, most recognised and influential real estate firm, we have executed the reconstruction of our website. Complete with all new design, features and content, we have presented an avenue for our clients and audiences to explore the best of luxury properties in the Philippines.

Our website now provides a better and more appealing design to improve your real estate investment journey. With the ease of navigation, the process of purchasing a property has become more efficient for both our clients and our real estate professionals.

New Office

Thirdly, we have come to an all new environment, where bigger and better facilities and spaces allow us to serve you better. The accommodation of our clients’ needs is always a priority for us, so our transfer to a new office has greatly improved this. Being situated in an improved working environment allows our dedicated employees to work together harmoniously, creating a proper system and process of operations.

As we go into our 4th year of operations, we want to continue improving our services. For our Sales Team, whether it’s buying or selling, our company provides clients with the best deals in the residential and commercial real estate market. Along with our Project Marketing Team, sourcing and securing some of the hard-to-find high end properties to be marketed on the domestic and international market through our affiliate platforms.

Investment is also an integral service, with a strong focus on high return investment deals, we help investors explore and expand their portfolios through possible business collaborations. Another robust aspect of our firm’s portfolio is the leasing and secondary market, as the company provides integrated high-end leasing and resale services for various properties.

Lastly, one of the strongest assets of our luxury real estate firm is the unparalleled marketing support that we provide our clients. This includes branding, integrated media support, public relations, and events, both locally and all over the globe.

To deliver exceptional services, experience limitless opportunities, and to adapt to an ever evolving digital landscape, we are confident in entering our next year with a bright and successful road ahead.