Bringing art in every home within reach is one of the main features of Pablo + Living Residences. One example would be the sculptures seen infront of each innovative six unit residences. It is  situated in the Southern part of Manila, Sucat.

Behind the project, two young talented Calma’s were interviewed to get the valuable meaning of design and architecture.

Interview for Calma Properties Inc.

What factors led the partners to set up Calma Properties?

JP : In our family, our combined professional experiences equate to all the sub-parts of real estate development. From design, architecture, engineering, construction, and supply. We have been involved as the doers of the most premium properties of our country involving the hospitality, leisure, residential and recreational sector.

My father is an engineer, the rest of my relatives are architects/designers, two of my cousins are contractors, my wife is a sculptor/painter, and my mother is an exporter of designer handicrafts. I feel that it is in our best interest that we combine our accumulative talent and knowledge in creating our own product in the market.

At the end of the day we simply want to remain ourselves, however at this vantage point we feel more liberated in giving greater value to the deserving customers.

Carlo: We set Calma Properties since we want to really join the different talents and expertise within our family in the architecture and design and as well as in the construction industry. We saw a gap in the market that real estate developers now are just bland and copy-paste mentality and is more about the bottom line, we on the other hand – Calma Properties is all about maverick projects, unique and creative and we hope to be moving to a new frontier in the architecture and the built environment.

Can you expound on your design thrusts?

JP: We will continue to be natural to our taste. However, our natural inclination will always be on the progressive, non-commercial, non-traditional direction. Not just to elevate the quality of the rest of the market. But to satisfy our effort. If only all buildings would look like a piece of art, then we would have a better Metropolis.

Carlo: Our work is culturally informed, heritage-driven, environment-sensitive and technically innovative. We balance big ideas with an intimate attention to detail hence the motto, “Architect your Life.”

Sculpture by Architect Carlos Calma

How would you consider your design philosophy?

JP: I believe Carlo can shed light better on this question. 

Architect Carlo Calma with the model piece of Pablo + Residences
Carlo Brothers Architect Carlo Calma and JP Calma

Many of our buildings are just rectangular pieces of concrete, steel, glasses. What can you say about this observation?

JP: I am not an architect nor a designer. But coming from an operations point of view, i feel that the design process has became a template for mass production.  Thus,  unfortunately quite hijacked. Designs should always be idiosyncratic for the specific context.  To add, even if the contexts are constants, designs are not meant to be utilized as a cookie cutter. Presently and the recent past, i feel that the majority of the developers just recycle the designs just to speed up the building processes of the EPC for their own cost advantage. 

Among your projects, which one would stand out?

JP: We hope that all stand out and will remain the best in its class. However we will also be happy to be out designed for the betterment of the built environment and industry at large. 

How do you infuse creativity and innovation in  your projects?

JP: Carlo can also better answer this question.

Would you say that your group is pioneering a design concept or philosophy in the country?

JP: For me, we just want to remain to our design identity, but except at this juncture, we feel we are in a better position to deliver more value directly to the end user. 

How many projects has your group completed to date?

JP: Since our establishment 2 years ago, we only have 3 Projects in our pipeline good for the next 5 years. Namely: an artistic 6-unit townhouse thats RFO.  A 22-unit ultra low density/bespoke residential tower that just started.  And a mixed used complex novelty still in the drawing board.

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