Sweet escape from the busy city lifestyle nestled on the southern part of Cebu. This place is where you can discover the natural beauty of the island. Whether you are a diver, adventurer or nature lover. You will find everything here that you are looking for.

Indeed experience the rejuvenating atmosphere in this private beachfront located in the small town of Pasol in Alcoy, Cebu. Take a look, explore and be mesmerized with the property.

Beachfront Resort

In this resort, there are ten (10) rooms in a two storey building. Encounter the relaxing scent of  fresh air and admire the view of the pool from the second floor. In addition experience crystal clear blue sea through scuba diving. And be amazed with its rich  mangrove path. Thus, enjoy the amenities within the area. 

Beachfront Resort Alcoy is located between the coastal road and beautiful mangroves. Property has an access way through the mangroves to the open sea. To add, the property is 5 km from Tingko Beach.  It is a  popular get away with  a stretch of fine white sandy beach. In addition, its nearby popular landmark is Kawasan falls which is 42 km from the property.  Then from the Mactan International Airport it is roughly around  103 km.  

Lounge Area by the Pool
Dining Hall

If you are not the adventurous type, one of the amenities that would be more suited for you is the lounge area. Where you can catch some rays and have a glass of lemonade. 

Then if you want to indulge in the exotic flavours of Filipino cuisine. You may want to dine in under the nipa hut outdoor setting of the dining hall. 

This beachfront resort is  a great investment for its good location and known for to be a gateway for scuba diving.  So, proceed and escape in this sweet property Alcoy, Cebu. 

Featured Amenities: Swimming Pool with pool bar, dining hall, game area and diving facility. 

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