Amenities certainly play an important role in offering quality living. It is also a feature that provides comfort, convenience or pleasure. Above all, here you can enjoy the best that life has to offer even after busy working hours. In this 10,000 sq.m five (5) bedroom beachfront resort situated in Batangas, you will get to experience secluded barefoot luxury at its finest. Thus, boasts of its various cabanas that provide a perfect spot near a private pool. The view for each space certainly will whisk you away from reality and straight into paradise. 

Private Beachfront House

Getting to this exclusive oasis is a unique experience in itself. The pavilion has a spacious porch area where one can dine in.  Then below its welcome pavilion is the game-room that extends into the garden where everyone can enjoy a great game of billiards and more. Also, it is an area where you get the pleasure of entertainment amongst your family and friends.  Moving to the heart of the property, be awed by the beauty of the open view deck and a plunge pool that unites you with the serenity of the ocean. The pool area is surrounded by well-designed and properly laid out cabanas which you will enjoy some of nature’s breathtaking beauty. 
View Deck: Scenic view of the Ocean
Game Room: Nature's breathtaking beauty
As you step in the grand master's bedroom  of the main house a spacious balcony and sitting area awaits. Thus, lead  you into a meditation garden. It is a place for retreat where everything is soothing and peaceful. Secluded tranquility is one of the great benefits of this one hectare private beachfront property. You won't find a better spot to enjoy some of nature’s breathtaking beauty except for this property. To truly redefine the comfort of living, it does not just revolve around aesthetics. It also is about the functionality of the design and luxury comfort. Indeed this  beachfront redefines the comfort of living. Featured amenities: open view deck, plunge pool, living and entertainment room, game room, library, and meditation garden. Next Read: To get an overview of the branded residence market, the latest trends as well as the growth of the market in Southeast Asia. Read Live Branded: The Rise of Branded Residences