How To Design a High-End Kitchen in Your Luxury Home in the Philippines

What should you use to design a high-end kitchen in your luxury home in the Philippines?

  1. Luxury lighting
  2. Touchless faucet
  3. Hidden appliances
  4. A grand backsplash
  5. Automatic drawers
  6. A lavish room design

High-end kitchens exude class and style. While kitchens in luxury properties for sale in the Philippines often display the same grandeur as the rest of the house, it is always better for you to design one that fits your own personal preferences.

The kitchen is one of the most used places in the home. Ensuring that it is visually pleasing to the eye and that different parts are easily accessible should be your priority. Avail of the latest state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, and pair it with a lavish room design to complete your desired feel.

Read on to learn more about how to make a high-end kitchen in your own luxury home.

Luxury Lighting

Lighting is important in any kitchen due to the multiple workspaces that it needs to illuminate. In terms of design, lighting is crucial as it hangs over the room and brings together the entire design of the kitchen space. You can choose to have just one large fixture in the middle of the ceiling or opt for smaller pendants strategically placed around it. Take note of the material and the design of the light fixture as well as the other appliances and furniture in the room to make sure that they complement each other.

You can even invest in a type of lighting that will activate once it senses someone entering the room. Take your kitchen to the next level by investing in new kinds of technology for your high-end kitchen.

Touchless Faucet

Choose to invest in state-of-the-art technology to take your high-end kitchen to the future. Traditional appliances have been upgraded to improve the level of hygiene within the kitchen. Instead of touching the faucet knob with unclean hands, avail of a touchless faucet instead. A motion-activated sensor removes the need for manual knobs. With just one wave of the hand, you can turn your faucets on or off. This could give your high-end kitchen a more futuristic feel compared to other more traditional ones.

To make your kitchen sleeker, place your touchless faucet amidst hidden appliances.

Hidden Appliances

Hidden appliances are a popular trend found in modern luxury homes. They are able to keep the sleek and minimalist look of the kitchen while hiding the many wires from different appliances. This clutter-free style can be done through the strategic placement of appliances behind cabinet panels. Ovens can be built into cabinets or hidden into the island at the center of the kitchen. Coffee makers and blenders can be hidden behind a compartment. While hiding appliances benefit the aesthetic view of the room, you can also find items easier due to the organization into different compartments.

The goal of this style is to maintain a look of elegance for your high-end kitchen.

A Grand Backsplash

A grand backsplash absorbs the spills and splatters that happen when you cook on a stove. A backsplash is usually made of a material that is easy to clean, giving you the utmost convenience. It can be made from glass, metal, wood, and even stone. Choose your preferred design wisely as your backsplash will surely attract attention in your kitchen. You could use engraved tiles, specially designed metal sculptures, or even mosaics.

As the backsplash is the focal point of the room, make sure that it goes well with the other appliances and pieces of furniture found around the room.

Automatic Drawers

If you are interested in a more minimalist look that pervades the majority of luxury homes nowadays, then it would be wise to invest in handle-free drawers. This can give you long and sleek lines all over your kitchen. These kinds of drawers can be automatic, being pushed out by a mechanism once you need it. Another option you can choose is a mechanism that opens once it is lightly pushed. If you want to maintain a sleek look but want the convenience of a handle, try out handle strips that are specially carved into the wood.

The more drawers you can conceal in your home, the better. Luxury homeowners are opting to use drawers in order to organize the items in their kitchen. They customize them to reveal pull out shelves that are more functional and easier to use. Lighting can be included within these shelves that activate once the shelf is opened. To complete the clutter-free look, kitchen utensils can also be kept within automatic drawers.

These must all come together in order to fulfill a lavish room design for your high-end kitchen.

A Lavish Room Design

It is important to take note of these steps individually, but also consider the design of your home as a whole. Each piece must be of a specific design and made of a certain material that will help achieve a perfect balance amongst the rest. Hire an interior designer to help you create the perfect high-end kitchen. Besides the look of your kitchen, you must also think of how this area fits into the design of the rest of your home.

Key Takeaway

Invest in designing a high-end kitchen to complete the feeling of grandeur in your luxury home. Try out new and innovative designs to make your home one of a kind. This could also be an advantage once you’ve decided to sell your home. Give your luxury property for sale in the Philippines a unique advantage that will surely attract a number of potential buyers.

Collaborate with an international realtor and an interior designer to craft the best design for your ideal high-end kitchen.

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