Tips for Keeping Your Luxury Homes in the Philippines Clean

What are some tips that can help me clean your house more effectively?

  1. Go top to bottom
  2. Go dry, then wet
  3. Make the most of your time
  4. Mind special requirements

As simple as it is, cleaning your house will make a huge difference. In the Philippines, luxury homes usually require a particular way of cleaning them to be efficient. These large, often spacious structures usually have “sweet spots” where people tend to stay. This means that more waste is produced in these areas. That being said, it’s important that you know how to clean the whole house efficiently.

One of your main goals would be to get rid of the dust and dirt. These are the things that can really pile up and take away the glamour of a luxury home. Of course, you should also never neglect proper cleaning procedures, especially for particular materials that you might have at home.

Who doesn’t like coming home to a clean and organized home?

A lot of people find joy in cleaning up. Making sure that the place you live in is clean and tidy brings satisfaction to a lot of people.

That being said, here are a few tips and tricks that you can use for when you’re cleaning up your very luxurious homes!

Go Top to Bottom

Most people that have a good idea on how to efficiently clean places do so by starting at the very top. So, for multi-leveled homes, be sure to start from the very top. In particular, focus on the level where there are a lot of activities happening. If you have an attic that you use for storage, you can skip that and start on the floor below it.

The main reason why this way of cleaning is optimal is that you will avoid messing up places that you’ve already cleaned along the way. Even simple acts as sweeping the floor or vacuuming carpets tend to scatter bits and pieces of dust and dirt from time to time.

The same concept should be followed in individual rooms. Start off by removing any cobwebs or thick layers of dust on the ceilings. After this, slowly work your way down the house. Dust down fixtures and other décors as well as window draperies and anything that’s hanging off the walls. Work on the floor last. Make sure that you sweep below and around furniture right after you dust them.

Go Dry, then Wet

This should be common knowledge for anyone that likes cleaning. It’s important that you start off with dry cleaning activities instead of those that will require you to dampen certain things.

When you decide on directly mopping a floor that hasn’t been swept, all the dust and dirt particles will become a sort of muddy amalgamation. Not only are these disgusting to see, they are also quite difficult to remove. When you start off with dusting and sweeping though, that won’t happen because there’s almost no dust and dirt left to cause these things from happening.

For quick cleaning sessions, you don’t even need to mop the floor or wipe the fixtures. Most of the time, you just have to dust things off and sweep the floor and you would have already done more than enough.

Always remember that you first have to dust things before ever applying any of the wet cleansers.

Make the Most of your Time

Chances are, if your home is as large as it is luxurious, a cleaning session would take quite a long time when you focus on things one by one. You can reduce the time you need to tidy up by creating an efficient cleaning plan!

Some cleansers take some time to take effect so you can spray them on tables, vases, glass, and the likes ahead of time. You can then just focus on other things such as sweeping other areas or organizing clutter. By the time you begin wiping the cleansers off, you won’t need to do too much rubbing because it’ll come off quickly.

You could also multitask and organize things as you sweep the floor or dust decorations. This way, you’ll only need two or three pass-throughs for your cleaning sessions. One for the dry cleaning such as dusting and sweeping, and one for mopping, and wiping.

Mind Special Requirements

Different things are made of different materials. Because of this, some of them need special cleansers or special procedures in order to be cleaned. Remember this whenever you’re cleaning so to avoid any unnecessary damage to items. However, this can mean that your flooring might have specific cleaning solutions or some of your fixtures can’t be wiped clean that easily.

Key Takeaway

There’s a reason why luxury homes in the Philippines attract the attention of a lot of people. That’s because these are structures that have amazing facades and are often full of amazing home décor and fixtures. But what truly makes them shine is how clean it is. Nobody will appreciate a luxury home that’s cluttered and dirty. Clean your luxury home regularly so that its beauty can shine.

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