How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Luxury Home

How do you choose the right paint color for your luxury home?

  1. Find your ideal mood
  2. Think of lighting
  3. Consider spacing
  4. Choose your paint finish

Color is an important part of making the luxury property for sale in the Philippines you bought become more like a home. It speaks not only of who you are as a homeowner, but also as a person.

Thus, these are the tips you should follow to choose the right paint color for your home.

Find your ideal mood

When it comes to luxury properties for sale in the Philippine, mood refers to the emotional atmosphere the house brings to its residents and visiting guests.

Your surroundings, including paint color, can have a huge effect on your feelings every day. In fact, this phenomenon is observed to happen to many people that a study called color psychology emerged. According to color psychology, people are drawn to certain colors because of their personalities, cultural background, and memorable experiences. For example, liking blue means you have a generally calm personality or prefer tranquil places as your abode.

Because color psychology has become a popular concept, it is easy to see why interior designers have made shades an important part of their architectural plans. For them, they want the wall color to make people feel at home in different ways.

When it comes to picking the right paint color, it is important to know what mood you want your home to ideally impart upon you or your guests. If you want to feel energized after work, choose reddish hues. Green, on the other hand, is great if you want your space to give off optimistic and positive feelings every day.

Think of lighting

Lighting can make your paint color darker or lighter than it actually is. It can also make the walls look more vibrant. Thus, it is important to think of lighting when it comes to picking the right color because your luxury home might end up looking too overwhelming in the afternoon.

These are the different ways UV rays can affect certain shades, depending on what direction it hits the rooms in your homes.


When sunlight is hitting a room in the north direction, colors can look cooler because it imparts a shadow. This is the room best to place vibrant pastels such as pink and purple. Additionally, warm orange could also be a great option.


When sunlight is hitting a room in the south direction, it tends to become brighter than it usually is. South-facing rooms are the best place to add dark or neutral colors.


In the eastern direction, sunlight can make rooms bluer in the afternoon. These rooms can also look great with warm tones.


In the western direction, rooms become the most beautiful and brightest with sunlight. Cool paint colors will benefit the most here.

Consider spacing

You can make rooms at your deluxe home for sale in the Philippines look wider, narrower, bigger, or smaller with the right paint colors.

To enlarge a room

Using bright colors such as white will make people think a certain space is bigger than it really is because these shades make boundaries less apparent. People usually stop looking at a surface once they see a line indicating the end. As long as they don’t see the ending boundaries, they will think the walls go on and on.

To dwindle a room

For some people, especially those who live alone, large rooms can make them feel lonelier since there is so much empty space. If you feel the same way, then dwindling a room’s size with paint color can be a good option to take. Colors that make spaces look smaller are usually dark ones like black. These shades accomplish this by absorbing natural and artificial light.

To make a narrow room wider

Even if your narrow room has a lot of space, its shape can make the surroundings suffocating. To widen it, paint the two smallest walls in a shade darker than rest, and doing so will make these sides look more square-shaped.

Choose your paint finish

Paints differ not only because of their colors but also their finishes. Their finishes will also impact the way your deluxe home for sale in the Philippines will look changing the mood and overall appearance of the shade.

Matte finish

Paints with a matte finish will make the color look super vibrant because there is no reflective sheen distracting it from the shade’s opacity. Due to its high coverage, any surface imperfections will be dutily covered.

Glossy finish

Glossy paint finishes are the most dramatic out of the three. Luxury homeowners love using these in their walls because it imparts a polished shine that makes any space look more elegant and expensive.

Egg shell finish

Eggshell like paint finishes have some gloss, but it also displays matte characteristics. Just like matte finishes, it has high color saturation.

Key Takeaway

Color is an important part of making a luxury house feel more like a home. When you wake up, it is the first thing you see and it will impact the way you approach your life in a day to day basis. Thus, it is important you pick the right paint color for your luxury home by following these different tips.

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