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What extreme sports and activities can you do near your luxury beach house?

  1. Cliff Diving
  2. Jet Skiing
  3. Surfing
  4. Parasailing
  5. Water Rides
  6. Wakeboarding

By purchasing a luxury property for sale in the Philippines located by the beachside, you are investing in a peaceful space for you to come and escape the bustling cityscape. But, if you are the type of person who enjoys water sports, there are a number of extreme sports and activities that you can do right beside your luxury beach house. Choose to invest in your very own speed boat or jet ski in order to fully experience these thrilling activities.

Get your adrenaline running with these extreme sports and activities that you can do near your luxury beach house. Read on to learn more about them here:

Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving

If you are looking for an extreme adrenaline rush, look for cliffs near your luxury beach house that you and your best buds can safely jump off of. Some of these cliffs can be as low as 3 meters or as high as 26 meters. An advantage of this activity is that you do not need any extra equipment to do it. All you need is the courage to jump!

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing

If you are the type of person who enjoys speedy motorcycles or race cars, then you may want to consider investing in your very own jet ski. It can help you speed through the waves, with the cool wind blowing through your hair. For a more exciting experience, invite your friends to bring their jet skis over to your luxury beach house and create an obstacle course in the water that you will need to race through.



The Philippines is home to a number of prime surfing spots. This means that the waves in these specific beaches are ideal for you to ride your surfboard on. Living in your own luxury beach house allows you 24/7 access to surfing spots, giving you more of a chance to practice your surfing skills. Learn how to master a wave without wiping out in this exciting sport.



Parasailing is one of the more extreme activities on this list. You would need to look for a licensed professional to help you enjoy this activity safely. In parasailing, you will be attached to a parachute and lifted into the air by a speed boat. As the boat gets faster and faster, you will be lifted higher and higher up into the air. Think of yourself as a human kite, but under more intense circumstances.

Water Rides

Water Rides

Similar to parasailing, you will also need the help of a licensed official in order to go on water rides. These are extreme activities usually enjoyed by tourists during their beach vacations. However, if you are a luxury beach house owner, you will have easy access to these thrilling water rides at all times.

Banana Boat

The Banana Boat is a long inflatable towed by a high-speed boat. You and a handful of your closest friends will need to sit along the banana boat while the speed boat pulls it through the sea. Hold on tight as these inflatables can reach some pretty insane speeds. The fun part is wiping out as the boat driver does a sharp turn.


The FlyFish is a wider version of the banana boat, making it more susceptible to strong winds. This inflatable boat has the tendency to lift up into the air the faster the boat goes. Holding on is easier said than done, as the inflatable can lift up into a 90-degree angle.



Do you enjoy getting lifted into the air, but would rather have more control? Consider getting into wakeboarding. This extreme sport makes use of a small surfboard-type board which is pulled by a speed boat. Try to maintain your balance as your board battles against the waves. Think of this as an even more extreme version of skateboarding.


Kiteboarding is a combination of parasailing and wakeboarding. A kiteboard’s base is similar to a wakeboard, and its kite-like canopy is similar to that of parasailing. You will have to learn how to control the wind in order to get your parachute up, at which point your direction will be controlled by where the wind is blowing. This is one of the most extreme water sports and combines aspects of parasailing, wakeboarding, surfing, and skateboarding all in one.

Key Takeaway

A luxury property for sale in the Philippines is a sound investment for thrill seekers who find joy amongst the waves. Soar amidst the sea breeze with extreme activities such as parasailing or wakeboarding. Or blaze through the waves with a jet ski or your favorite surfboard. If you are looking for an even bigger adrenaline rush, consider going cliff diving in an area of great height near your luxury beach house.

Whichever extreme sport you choose to do on your day off, these activities will surely get your blood pumping as you explore the vast blue sea.


One of the historic mountains in Cebu, overlooking Mandaue City and Mactan Island, is Jardin De Busay. It is situated in Barangay Busay along the charming facade of it’s mountainous side.

An elegant and luxurious modern home can be seen in the heart of a sought-after quiet neighborhood. A serene private residential village only ten minutes from Lahug. It is also twenty minutes away from the Central Business Park of Cebu.

This beautifully designed home has an exceptional panoramic view . The property offers a superb terrace and a swimming pool to enjoy the very best of the garden by the valley. It mainly offers three (3) spacious bedrooms, three (3) bathrooms, an open kitchen and a stylish living room.

A home situated in the charming mountains of Cebu.

Modern Home in Jardin De Busay

This 587 sq. m property has floor to ceiling glass windows that allow natural light to flow through the room. Moreover, the structure of the well ventilated space is economically beneficial.

It is an open layout which offers clear, open sight lines from the kitchen to the main living area. Even the convenience of entertaining guests makes the open concept favourable.

A home characterized by clean line and efficiency,  boasts a style that is effortless and livable. Today’s architecture is gearing over these uncomplicated designs.  Above all, home owners are building a home that exudes simplicity and functionality. 

Dining Area Facing the Kitchen
Living Area
Front Facade

Because of the benefits of its open floor structure. Certainly this home in Cebu makes it work well for anyone who frequently entertains guests.  It has an abundance of natural light, illusion of more space and modern functionality. 

Even More, this modern house and lot in Jardin de Busay in Cebu has a style that exudes sophistication. 

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