2019 Trends in the Market for Luxury Homes in the Philippines

What are the latest trends that you should know about when it comes to luxury homes?

  1. Privacy
  2. Home security
  3. Guest suites
  4. Personalization
  5. Aesthetics

Luxury homes in the Philippines have always been associated with the trendsetters of this generation. Sure, the ones here might not be as “out there” as in other countries, but their aesthetics are more than enough to wow even the prickliest of critics.

A lot of people believe that luxury is a feeling; a choice of visual collaboration. But to some, it’s more than that. Living in a luxury home isn’t all about looks and visual stimuli. Many people say the feeling of luxury also involves functionality and convenience.

These three together — aesthetics, functionality, and convenience — are what encapsulate luxury homes. That’s what you should look for this year.

Check out this list of the up and coming trends for luxury homes this 2019!


In the Philippines, even deluxe homes for sale can’t be guaranteed their privacy. Sometimes, these homes are still close enough to crowded areas that most people find unappealing and somewhat alarming.

Luckily for you, luxury homes in the Philippines have prioritized privacy. Most are located in exclusive villages; others can be found in secluded and yet amazingly unique places.

Today, privacy is more important than ever. People want control over their boundaries. They want gates, walls, and even hedges; people want to feel safe. Not only will a gated residence keep you safer, it’ll also bring about a different air to your home!

Home Security

Home Security

Often associated with the desire for privacy, home security is also one of the most popular up-and-coming trends for luxury homes. Many luxury homes today are equipped with state-of-the-art home security systems that ensure that you won’t have to experience any kind of criminal activity any time soon.

Usually, you are provided with a small remote control that can be used to control these features. Sometimes, it also doubles as a smart home remote which lets you control almost every feature in your home! You can turn the lights on or off, light the fireplace or the pool, or turn on the air conditioning with just the press of a button on a single device!
A smart home is a secure home — that’s what a lot of trendsetters believe to be true today.

Guest Suites

There can never be too many rooms in a luxury home. The mindset here is simple: the more rooms you have, the more space you can customize to your whim. You can then transform these rooms into whatever you want. You can choose to leave one as a guest room for visitors, a space for a live-in maid, a game room, a home theater, a storage room, or even a home gym.

That being said, the most common use of extra rooms is to be guest suites for visitors, especially family members. This rings true in the Philippines where most of the time, families would have their grandparents living with them.


Many deluxe homes for sale in the Philippines are slowly being designed with their presentation in high regard. Oftentimes, the seller or contractor puts a little too much of their personality into the product so that it can really affect its viability of being sold.

Some examples of this include a luxury home being sold by a musician who has a recording studio inside. Or another house being sold by a tennis player with an attached tennis court to it.

These rather unique customizations might appeal to a very specific group of people, but not to everyone.


When it comes to how luxury homes in the Philippines look, it all boils down to the buyer. Yes, these houses would usually have an initial design all set up and ready. However, chances are, when a buyer doesn’t like the decorations but loves the area, they’ll redecorate it without question.

To prevent that from happening, make sure to design luxury homes based on these trends!

First off, bear in mind that 2019 will be a year that’s all about being edgy and bold—particularly when it comes to the color palette. A good little tidbit is that Pantone has decided that the color of the year is living coral.

It’s also important to note that 2019 is supposed to be the comeback of the geometric patterns in room designs.

They’re sure to leave an immediate impact when perfectly executed.

Of course, going black and white is never the wrong choice. It’s one of those timeless designs that won’t ever run out of style. The ambiance that it brings is such a serene calm that it’ll be great no matter how you execute it.

Key Takeaway

Pursuing luxury is not an easy thing to do. Now and then the trends change and what is seen as luxurious before can quickly fall off in the eyes of many. That’s why you should always be updated about the latest trends that revolve around amazing homes. The ones mentioned above are just a sneak peek into the whole story, so be sure to keep up with the latest trends as you look for the best luxury home for you!

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